17 year old Danish girl shows more cajones than most of Europe

One young Dane realizing that no Danish newspaper will print anything Kurt Westergaard has done, made a youtube video homage to the 70 year old cartoonist to show solidarity with his cause. Is this brilliant song writing or performing? not the point. What is the point comes near the end of this cute and fun little video where she says:

“Terrorism? who cares it happens without his drawings”

Nikki you are a brave girl. I hope Denmark and indeed all of Europe shows the kind of moral courage you do. Maybe someone needs to translate this into Dutch so those people can remember that the story of the little boy with his finger in the dyke means more than pleasing lesbians.

H/T Lars hedigaarrd. After some careful thought, I agree with you. This should be spread far and wide.

To see an interview with this young Dane, please click here. That is a machine translation from the original Danish.

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  1. D.G. it would appear the problem may be more artistic then parental as the Danish version is still up. Perhaps she didn’t like the English version of it. That or because she stole the melody from ‘Lady Gaga’ she may have run into legal difficulties.

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