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3 Replies to “Russian TV covers the Geert trial as critical for Europe and free speech”

  1. Wladimir Solowjow already forecasted it in the 19th century, and Tomislav Sunic reminded us of it recently.
    The West is on its way of becoming dominated by a left-winged totalitarian ideology, whose representative elites are cowardly collaborating with an atavistic pseudo-religion, by deliberately implementing policies which systematically undermine the demographic basis of the continent.
    At the same time, Russia and Eastern Europe have shed an alien ideology after 1989 and become the last resort for European culture and true freedom.
    However, we have to be grateful for this “alien” Sowiet communism, because it -unintentionally of course- managed to save a part of Europe from degeneration of “1968” and from mass-immigration of large hostile populations from backward moslem societies.
    The lucky part was, that it was the most vital part of Europe which was saved by this historic counter-proces.
    There is reason for worry, though, because the collapse of communism underminded the economic basis for existence, thereby creating a historical low birth rate and an equally historic high death rate, which results in a decline of these very people,s who are meant to save Europe from a premature collective death, hence saving all of Mankind from sliding back into barbarism.
    Added to this, many Central- & Eastern-European countries have been lured into joining NATO and the EU, on false promises of military protection and prosperity.
    The rise of international terror -subsidized by the US-military during the Cold War, and the economic recession -caused by US-banks- have proven that these promises were false, and in fact counter-productive.
    Unfortunately, now it’s generally regarded as being far too late to break out of this tricky system again.
    The EU turned out to be a political and bureaucratic organisation, which promotes a chilly inhumane capitalism., and denies Christianity and European traditional cultures, while promoting mass-immigration of Moslems into its member states, while criminalising every one brave enough to openly express the truth about Islam.
    NATO has become a military oragnization, which bombs White Christian Serbs, deliberately juxtaposes and arms Ukraine and Georgia and against Russia (historic friends to each other, and all White and Christian), which plans to station anti-Russian (and potentially explosive) missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic (also White Christian nations), and which lets the military defense of its White Christian members states bleed to death by sending its best troops to the deserts of Afghanistan, to be slaughtered by Taliban criminals.
    We need to act fast now, if we want to save ourselves and Mankind!!!!!

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