Iran’s nuclear program now unstoppable


Iran: Nuclear Program Unstoppable – Ahmadinejad
January 14, 2010
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Jan. 14 that Iran’s nuclear program has reached the point where Tehran’s enemies will not be able to stop its progress, IRNA reported. He said Iran’s enemies will surrender because of its nuclear achievements.

Well, I guess the UN’s AEA can expect another shiny new trophy to sit next to the one they got from Pakistan for all the help they got from the world body for their assistance in getting the bomb. I bet the UNAEA is really pissed that North Korea hasnt sent one yet. But I’m sure Iran will send one. They are good sports that way.

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2 Replies to “Iran’s nuclear program now unstoppable”

  1. Now that the west knows what Iran is really doing with its nuclear program, why isn’t there a more concerted effort to stop it?

    Its 1933 to 1939 all over again, as an enemy of freedom steadily arms itself for an impending war, yet no-one is doing anything about it.

    The west needs leaders like Winston Chruchill again. Too bad the only one who is stepping up to the plate, Geert Wilders, is on trial for exposing Islam as the hateful, totalitarian ideology that it is.

    The western world needs to grow some cojones and fight the enemy wherever they may be, else we lose everything that our ancestors worked for during the last 1,300 years.

  2. RR word for word correct. I am somewhat surprised that Churchill was not brought up on charges by the government of Chamberlain for inciting hatred against the Germans. I bet either that was tried, or the laws didnt exactly exist as required then as they do now, or possibly parliamentarians did not take each other to court as that ‘just wasn’t done’.

    Geert’s trial is not going to be without consequence no matter what the outcome, and the outcome is pre-ordained as the nature of the charge is such, that he has to be found guilty.

    Iran developed its WMD’s with the dedicated assistance of the UN-AEC as did Pakistan and North Korea (see and picture above of trophy given to the UN by Pakistan) This to me, is like when England along with most of Western Europe assisted Hitler for years to get his military back in shape despite the ‘sanctions’ of the Geneva convention and despite the fact that Hitler was nearly forcing everyone he could to read Mine Kampf. Like listening to Iran’s caterwauling daily about the coming holocaust to Jews and Israel while the world does everything it can to assist Iran in achiving its nuclear weapons arsenal, still one of the most expensive public works projects a nation can undertake along with the more obvious problems this poses.

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