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First let me say, I always thought Nottingham was just a forest. Nice to see its a city, and better to see it is a city willing to oppose galloping Islam. They appear to have traded in the green tights for black hoodies though. You can bet the mainstream media will present this as a “riot” by the “far right” although if one compares this near perfectly violence free march with any Muslim ‘demonstration’ say, oh, during Israel’s operation cast lead this is taking your grandmother to a picnic variety. A lot of British men yelling “E E EDL” and a few of them pushing past police lines is nothing. Lets hope however, that the powers that be find it sufficiently intimidating that they balance of the decisions they make in favour of increasing Islam seemingly daily in England, with resistance to it.

Of course what would be best is if British politicians actually operated on law as established there, as opposed to who they are more frightened by. By doing so, they are demanding mob rule. That cannot end well for anyone at all.

More on the EDL:

Apparently there was a leftist march which was allowed to go on unimpeded in the city, while the EDL march was heavily constrained. Here is a comment from our youtube channel by someone who was there:

I never even saw these protestors – they were well and truely penned in. All I saw was a bunch of lefties allowed to march down angel row & across Maid Marion Way & back again (right in the centre of the city) disrupting the general public.

Below is a video made and posted by anti EDL factions. Don’t know if its Muslims or Anti’fa or whoever but click through to youtube to read the original description. Clearly they do not like the EDL. However, if you compare the behaviour of these people while the police move them into a tighter and tighter area with less and less ability to march, with how Muslim demonstrations go in the UK and the police running away from them for miles while the Muslims openly threaten the police and England as a whole, its pretty hard to find fault in any meaningful way with the defenders, and the indigenous Britons are indeed the defenders. One could make a case for the ‘white’ British people being the defenders but the EDL are not that. They are all English people of any race who believe in preserving the heritage of England and its liberal values against Islam and sharia law. Click through and read what the film makers say anyway.

Thanks to Snaphanen for some of these videos:

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  1. EDL and others like it will be cropping up all over the EU and soon in the States as well. We either squash the growth of this evil ideology right now or willingly let our descendents into the slavery of islam.
    Thanks for keeping an eye on EDL activities. The Left will try to tarnish the goal of the EDL by labelling them as “racists”. Why are we not surprised?

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