John Stewart on Climategate. Droll.

It is great to see a few big media types mocking the situation with respect to Al Gore, climategate and so on. Really of course, American and world citizens should be demanding the complete dismantlement of a ton of institutions, jail for thousands of people and the termination of jobs for tens of thousands more. This is no small thing. Of course, none of that will happen. Why? Because this was never about the climate. If everyone of the people who signed the IPCC report were to appear in black nylons and a Nixon mask and announce that they made it all up and how stupid are the rest of us, nothing would change. It was a totem to bring on more socialism, more western guilt, more pressure on civilization itself and strain the quality of life of those of us that have been virtually prisoners in schools and institutions our whole lives to create wealth, develop new ideas and make the world a better place while advantaging people who basically live according to millennium old superstitions and genuine racism. So this is why I don’t care much about “Climate Gate.” For people who had a commie agenda nothing will change. For people who were intending not to invest in all this crap this will provide ammunition. But at the end of the day, this was never about the climate and these revelations will change nothing.

John Stewart proves my point rather wonderfully.

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