Statement on ban of minarets in Switzerland

The Rights of Freedom Consolidated

The Egerkinger Commitee who launched the minaret ban initiative, welcomes the vote in favour of a minaret ban by the Swiss Sovereign.

It was decided, that no further minarets are to be build in Switzerland. And the call of the muezzin is not to be heard.

With the “Yes!” to a ban on minarets the people confirmed that Swiss Law also applies to all immigrants without any curtailments. And any attempt to implement parts of sharia law in Switzerland has thereby been uncompromisingly rejected. Forced marriages – also if carried out during a stay on foreign ground – have no validity for persons with legal residence in Switzerland. And the same applies to other elements of sharia. The basic rights of freedom which are mandatory in Switzerland have been consolidated.

The “Yes!” to the minaret ban by the Swiss sovereign – our highest political entity – is now to be implemented in its exact wording. The Professorial ideas about undermining its actual implementation by filing a complaint to the European Courts of Justice, which were aired during the campaign, are unacceptable and a breach of constitutional law. Officials of the law, who are reluctant to enforce the expressed will of the Swiss Sovereign are to be discharged.

The Egerkinger Commitee observes with content that the public debate about the minaret ban – contrary to all the biased doomsaying of the opposition – has been passionate indeed, but orderly and our direct democracy worthy. The ones who went out of line, were the people who attempted to halt free speech regarding the issue, at times even through use of illicit means.

The role played by church-officials during the debate has been alarming. The neglect of their duty to counter the persecution of Christians especially in muslim lands, stands in disquieting contrast to their hasty partisanship against a ban on minarets

The Egerkinger Commitee

Walter Wobmann, National Council of Switzerland

Dr. Ulrich Schüler, National Council of Switzerland

29. November 2009

(Many many thanks for the Translation: Frank Kitman)

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  1. My Swiss roots (Langnau 15th Century) rejoice! The Swiss have done the right thing for they have laid a roadblock in the path of the Warrior Prophet and his vile Law. Sharia in any form must be blocked or it will metastasize. Take a look around Europe for God’s sake
    We in the United States should hope that we will take the same track and the brave Swiss peoples have paved the way. Let nobody call them Xenophobes but heroes.
    Stop Muslim immigration and cultural arrogance. Don’t let the camel’s nose under the tent.

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