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6 Replies to “CNN notices that Islam may be a factor in the Fort Hood shootings”

  1. You couldn’t make this up! Abuse of PC has rendered your First Amendment impotent. Hussein’s government attempts to look like a deer in the headlights, and I would call this amazing if it wasn’t so tragic – they know exactly what they are doing. Hussein will do nothing, but after he is impeached, a real leader will step us to the plate, impose martial law (as was done in Canada in 1969 – we survived). During martial law, these radicals would be shipped to Antactica. Taqqiya from the ‘moderate’ pulpit of the imams is just meant to soothe the kuffar before Shari’s dominates. USA stand up and DO SOMETHING!

  2. It’s been 8 years now since 9/11 and things are outrageously more of a mess than before. Lots of sane folks have had it up to here, and yet nothing gets done. Hussein’s prostration before the islamists has emboldened the jihadis worldwide, because they perceive the West and the USA as WEAK and this is their time to strike.

    Everyone is talking, no one is doing anything. No emergency laws of consequence in Western countries are being enacted to put some teeth into a solution. PC in small doses can mitigate ills (women’s equality for example) but carried to extreme, the cure becomes the disease and leaves civilization without an immune system.

    Time for SOLUTION.

  3. This just goes to prove that there’s nothing worse than a Muslim convert. Only the mentally unhinged and innately aggressive are attracted to the supremacist ideology of hate that is Islam. In years gone by these people would probably have been equally attracted to Nazism and Communism had they been born in different societies, but Islam is the death-cult of choice for early twenty-first century totalitarian wannabes.

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