Harvard joins Yale as having a double standard.

In this video, A Harvard student explains how rescinding an invitation to the founder of the Minute Men is not an infringement of his freedom of speech. I wonder what he would have said had Fox rescinded his invitation the moment he began to speak. Well we do know actually. Try and make a comment on his youtube page where this video comes from. All comments are subject to moderation and so far, all are clearly lopsided in view.

Harvard would appear to be as disgustingly hijacked by the leftist narrative as Yale and many other institutions of ‘higher learning’ in the US and elsewhere. H/T GQC and Tundra Tabloids

Here is an example of the intelectual honesty of this harvard student.

Below is a screen capture of the comments that he did allow, and the one I posted awaiting moderation.

Harvard Hypocrite

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  1. The look on the idots face, right at the end of the clip when Williams cut him short, was great. He looked like a stunned mullet.

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