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15 Replies to “An hour with Lord Christopher Monckton: Michael Coren”

  1. The problem isn’t a new one.
    This control and misinformation is deliberate.
    This is where Money is God who was’t told.
    The early influence of manipulation started at the begining of our civilation
    It’s cause is called Freemasons, 5000 years ago,wanting to create a Heaven on Earth utopia and then discovering how easy it was to control the masses.
    If the earth is in a natural transition which would cause disasterous change, then blame it on man’s inapt ability to stop mother nature from going through it’s natural cycle. This makes Money.
    Here’s the delema, freemasons original concept was okay, but if the world is going to change into another ice-age. Get yourself to Mars because your money won’t be any good here. The movie Logans Run had some sense to it and watch out because as soon as another law is passed that fat people must walk in a single file, well I just hope mother nature changes first into an ice age at 2012 making the suffering minimal. more of my logic at Tarotnames.

  2. Coren is way wrong about Suzuki. David is ‘not just a human being who may be wrong’ Suzuki KNOWS he is wrong but sold out to these interests. This is why he not only will not debate, but on many occasions as stated that “Anyone who does not believe in global warming should be in jail” and walks out if anyone asks a polite question about the actual science. Suzuki like Gore is a profiteer off of well meaning climate worriers. One can confirm this by actually looking at both of their lifestyles, Suzuki and Gore.

  3. Well I think Global Warming is a fact but it is not induced by man more like Mother Nature continuing with her normal seasonal cycle.
    My only worry is waiting for 2012 and just wondering were the Sun will rise from which horizon after the earth shifts from off it’s axis.
    Because of this shift I also worry about how long it will take the Canadian Geese to determine which direction North is.
    The great lakes could become our tropical swimming pool where the trees dying from the invasion of the gypsy-moth where we could welcome a newer crop of palm trees for shade. Where’s my ice cold, my-tie, James, I mean Chris.

  4. y2k was a man made money making scheme where as 2012 the cause of global warming is more due to mother nature and only the informed will survive. this takes a lot of the burdon off the freemasons, and also lessens their profit making ability. Just look at Larry Silverstein who made 7 billion on a 15 million dollar investment after 911. The fear of gobal warming is just another money making fairetale, like in the past where the astromers created a fear because they knew when the next solar eclips was going to happen, scaring the stupid public out of theri witts.

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