Bangladeshi man goes on killing spree, cites hatred of women

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Bangladeshi man raped and murdered 11 women as ‘revenge’

A serial killer accused of raping and murdering female factory workers in southern Bangladesh was motivated by ‘revenge’ after a woman spurned his advances, police have said.

By Jonathan Liew
Published: 9:47AM BST 14 Oct 2009
Bangladeshi man raped and murdered 11 women as 'revenge'

Rasu Miah preyed on poorly paid garment factory workers in Dhaka Photo: Reuters

Rasu Miah, who was arrested last week in the Chandpur region of the country, has confessed to killing at least 11 women in the last two years, but police believe the true figure could be much higher. Miah, 37 and married with four children, would contact his victims by mobile phone and arrange a meeting.

He would take them to Chandpur, around 30 miles south of the capital, before torturing and murdering them and disposing of their bodies in a river.

He would rape the women he “liked” before he killed them, according to police, while others were strangled straight away.

Despite leaving a trail of murders stretching back to early 2007, Miah was only caught by chance after being arrested last month for stealing a ceiling fan from a mosque.

During interrogation, police checked his mobile phone and found the number of a woman who had been murdered in the area.

Although Miah denied any involvement at the time, when he appeared in court on Sunday in connection with the theft, he confessed to the 11 murders.

He said that he had decided 15 years ago to kill at least 101 women after a woman in his home town of Tongi rejected his marriage proposal.

“Even though I started a family, I’ve never forgotten my vow,” Miah told the court. “I began my mission in 2007 and since then I’ve killed 11 women.”

The first victim was his brother-in-law’s wife, whom he raped before strangling in 2007. The latest was a woman found dead in her village in eastern Bangladesh in July this year.

Most of Miah’s victims were aged between 17 and 20, came from poor families and worked in garment factories in the capital Dhaka. Police said he would lure them to Chandpur with offers of marriage.

Women occupy the vast majority of the 1.8 million jobs created by the garment industry in Bangladesh, working long hours for low pay.

Ged Bailes, a consultant forensic clinical psychologist based at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, said Miah’s behaviour fits into known patterns of violent crime.

“With any kind of violent offence, you have to look at the person and the circumstances they are in,” he said.

“They don’t come out of the blue. Specific events trigger things off in terms of their thoughts and feelings.

“It’s not unknown with violent, repetitive crime and sexual crime to see a resentment of women. That may be stirred up by key family members. A disturbed upbringing can play a part.

“Various issues – anger, hostility towards women – can get mixed up with sexual violence. The sexual aspect may start in fantasy, but then the fantasies are brought alive.

“Some people may not start offending until later in life. But once the person starts, it makes the urge to do it more powerful. It becomes like a fix.”

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