Canada has a lot to be proud of. Stephen Harper.

The world is in an awful place when it is the rare leader who stands up for simple historical truth. Stephen Harper is a man who Canadians should take a great deal of pride in, not for saying what is simply true, (any leader should be expected to speak the truth and not be lauded for it, but be punished for lying) but for having the courage to stand against fashion when fashion goes against the facts and can advantage one a great deal.

There are more Arab votes than Jewish votes.

There are more Muslim votes than Jewish votes.

There are more irrational leftist votes that are marching with the narrative, and many of those are actually Jewish people, than Jewish votes who have a sense of self preservation.

But Stephen Harper elected to tell the truth and stand by that despite what it may and likely will cost him at the poles.

This is a good moment for Canada.

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