Symetrical respect?

You have to be living in a cave in Afghanistan somewhere to not know what happens if you ‘disrespect’ or ‘desecrate’ a Muslim holy symbol by now and frankly, if you do live in that cave chances are good you actually caused the riots, arson, murder, and general destruction that result from the mere rumour of a desecration of a Koran or a cartoon or whatnot.

But what happens when Muslims publicly desecrate symbols of other people’s faiths?

Lets have a look….

Muslims stomping on head of Hindu Sacred Cow

Muslims stomping on head of Hindu Sacred Cow

Here, some Muslims in India show their multicultural tolerance and respect for the Hindu’s, by stomping on the head of a cow, a sacred animal to them. This also teaches us the profound empathy and kindness Muslims show to animals.

Below, we see the Muslim tolerance and appreciation for art, and antiquities as well as the sensitivities of other faiths.

Taliban blows the head off one of the ancient Bamiyan Buddha statues

Taliban blows the head off one of the ancient Bamiyan Buddha statues

Yeah yeah you have seen this before. It’s old news right? Well the point is, we, the non Muslims people of the world had better wake up and recognize that this and other events like it, are not isolated incidents by ‘extremist’ or ‘radical’ variants of Islam. This is in fact how Islam itself demands that evidence of other faiths be treated. More simply put, This is policy.

Evidence of blasting of Jewish artifacts from the Temple Mount

Evidence of blasting of Jewish artifacts from the Temple Mount

For the story on the above photo please visit WND. however this one is probably the least important example of the Islamic overt systematic actions to destroy any historical evidence of Jewish existence in the area of Israel whatsoever. There is plenty of footage online showing actual crushing machines with conveyor belts destroying whatever is dug up in Gaza that shows Jewish history as well as in the Muslim area near the Western Wall.

Muslims wage war on history itself if it in any way runs against how Mohamed specified the world has to be.

he sensitivities run deep. Archaeologists are cautioned not to talk about pre-Islamic finds outside scholarly literature. Few ancient treasures are on display, and no Christian or Jewish relics. A 4th or 5th century church in eastern Saudi Arabia has been fenced off ever since its accidental discovery 20 years ago and its exact whereabouts kept secret.

In the eyes of conservatives, the land where Islam was founded and the Prophet Muhammad was born must remain purely Muslim. Saudi Arabia bans public displays of crosses and churches, and whenever non-Islamic artifacts are excavated, the news must be kept low-key lest hard-liners destroy the finds.

“They should be left in the ground,” said Sheikh Mohammed al-Nujaimi, a well-known cleric, reflecting the views of many religious leaders. “Any ruins belonging to non-Muslims should not be touched. Leave them in place, the way they have been for thousands of years.”

In an interview, he said Christians and Jews might claim discoveries of relics, and that Muslims would be angered if ancient symbols of other religions went on show. “How can crosses be displayed when Islam doesn’t recognize that Christ was crucified?” said al-Nujaimi. “If we display them, it’s as if we recognize the crucifixion.”

As for Christians?

Another Church turned into public toilet.

Or set one on fire:

Perhaps the time to wake up from fantasies that if you are nice to all, all will be nice to you. Reality offers you this axiom.

The longer you wait to solve a problem, the more costly and unpleasant will be the fix until you wait so long there is no fix and the problem overwhelms you.

The time for a bloodless solution, a political one, may not have passed yet. But that political solution must happen right away.

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5 Replies to “Symetrical respect?”

  1. I’m sure modern Muslims are attacking other religions – but it’s a bit rough to blame Muslims for the destruction of the 2nd temple, which was the Romans in 70AD. The jews in that part of the world converted to Islam and are now the Palestinians. At the present time, it’s Israelis who are doing the attacking of the 1000 year old mosque, undermining it, burning it and mass shooting the mourners (80 killed in 1996). That’s after they’ve bull-dozed 100s of mosques.

  2. Tony’s response is pretty funny. Tactic 1. Straw man. Make it look like I said something other than I did (The Muslims are destroying something they didnt or are not) and then claim I said they are and argue it. Tactic 2, try and shift the focus onto what Jews have done or allegedly have done. Well for the record, Jews tend to be over represented in academic archaology whether the results of these studies are in the interests of Jewish people or Israel or no, while Muslims by a matter of policy erase history all over the world, where they are in a position to do so, which contradicts Muslim dominance of the area from the start of time.
    Native peoples of the world hear this: If you, the first peoples of the Americas think you are getting raw deal from Canada, The US, or even a Latin nation, know that you will not have a heritage at all under Islam. Find me a tribal people on earth who do, which is left intact under Islamic rule.

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