Second war in Georgia imminent?

Multiple analysts are speculating that Russian recent activities such as vetoing continuation of the OSCE observation mission point towards plans for Second Russia-Georgia War shortly after the Kavkaz 2009 exercise by Russia. Last year’s Russia-Georgia War began after the Kavkaz 2008 exercise.


Postimees citing BNS citing citing Andrey Illarionov:
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Thank you to our friend in Russia’s near far.

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  1. That Saakashvili is a retarded maniac. I just hope Russia goes flying and trooping into Georgia and does hang that retard by the balls. It was he who initiated the war last year, when all the troops and politicians of Georgia went running like scared rabbits when they realized that they had kicked the Russian bear and woken it up. I hope Russia does take back Georgia and reunite it: that would pout a dent in NATO’s criminal plans, and corporate oil plans, too. Go for it, Russia. Hang him by the balls.

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