Romanian girl speaks up on Islam and treatment of women.

Nothing in this video that will be new to readers of Vlad. But as this striking young girl is from Romania and this blog is named after a rather well known Romanian leader who fought against invading Islamic armies into Europe, I thought I would honor her a bit perhaps by putting her video here. It seems only just.


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4 Replies to “Romanian girl speaks up on Islam and treatment of women.”

  1. I’m sure you can do better than this ignorant atheist “cool girl” who, by her own confession in another video, started disliking religion since she discovered the Romanian Orthodox Church was too “intolerant” (as in no acceptance for abortions or homosexual “equality”). She is no way representative of the Romanian people – not even of the leftist green “progressive” young intellectuals, because she doesn’t have the fancy rhetoric of those intellectuals (I’m guessing she’s not one).

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