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Friday, May 22, 2009

No More Jewish Directors!

by Baron Bodissey

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article from Politically Incorrect about an Israeli director who was barred from the premiere of her movie at an Edinburgh film festival:

Edinburgh: Israeli filmmaker unwelcome

The young Israeli movie director Tali Shalom Ezer does not get to travel to the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland, even though the Israeli embassy would have covered all her expenses and the film has nothing to do with politics. After “pro-Palestinian activists”, most notably director Ken Loach, felt intimidated by the possible presence of an Israeli woman, the festival leadership cancelled the participation of Tali Shalom Ezer.

Update: The festival director meanwhile has allegedly pledged her participation (because of the stir caused with the media).

“Letters from Rungholt” comments aptly:

“When the director Ken Loach heard that at the festival he had to share the same air that a young Israeli is breathing, he boiled over and called festival-goers to a boycott. Where you can watch Israeli movies and welcomes Israeli directors, you also might finally discover that Israelis are completely normal people, with dreams, wishes and feelings, and even very creative! But no no, that would undo the struggle of the Palestinian people. Did I fabricate this? Not in the least.”

The 57-minute film “Surrogate” is a love story and would have celebrated its premiere in Edinburgh, but Tali Shalom Ezer will not be there.

Update: Apparently, the film festival got cold feet because of the media attention and will now allow the director to come over. The film will be shown as planned, according to an official statement. To anyone prefers to grill the Palestinian-loving Edinburghers themselves, you can e-mail to the following address:

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