Thank Canada for Defending Human Rights Principles

From UN Watch:

Thank Canada for Defending Human Rights Principles

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“Blame Canada?” No. Thank Canada — for its principled votes at the U.N. to resist the political agenda of bigots and tyrants. The U.N. Human Rights Council is wholly owned and operated by Islamic states that legitimize Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism, supported by an automatic majority from China, Cuba, and other repressive regimes. Canada is the only country that has been willing to stand up and resist Orwellian resolutions that are destroying the true principles of human rights.

Thank Canada for courageously opposing the cynical abuse of the U.N.’s founding principles of universality, equality and fairness.

Please go to the UN WATCH site to send an email to Stephen Harper directly which will be CC’d to the House of Commons in Ottawa by clicking this link.

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