Muslim looses it on Toronto Subway, screams alahu akbar and invokes Bin Laden

This from Girl on the right. The suprise? it took this long.

Lets hope our rightgirl is all right and that she carries a camera with her wherever she goes.

TTC Lacks Security

I am totally shaken. On the subway on my way over to feed Kathy’s cat while they’re away at a funeral, it finally happened. Some deranged 6th Century Mohammedan lost it and began screaming ALLAHU ACKBAR, calling everyone racists, and talking about Bin Laden and rising up.

Like good little sheep, someone pushed the yellow passenger alarm, stopping the train in the station. The little mid-train conductor man stepped out of his booth to see what was happening. We tried explaining to him that there was a potential terrorist on the train wit us, to call the police. Thew little Asian fellow appeared not to understand a damn word we were saying, decided there was nothing to see, and got back on the train.

Meanwhile Mohammed continued to rage about Allah on the platform where many of us stood. (obviously I got off the train – I wasn’t going to stay stuck on there with an Islamic madman). No security came. The train left with Mohammed pounding on the closed doors, saying he had a metropass and a right to free speech (the irony was not lost on me). When the next train came, he got on it.

I would like to know if this is part of the city of Toronto’s protocol to deal with a terrorist threat on the underground. This guy was a lunatic who was unarmed – what if the next one is packing? Will the same level of incoherence apply to TTC staff?

If anyone in Toronto is at all interested, here’s a pic I managed to grab of the guy.


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5 Replies to “Muslim looses it on Toronto Subway, screams alahu akbar and invokes Bin Laden”

  1. Meh, you’re the terrorist, you should be more trusting of people’s good will, good intentions, and harmless mistakes. You paranoia makes people angry. Sure it’s a vicious cycle, but you’re part of it by being critical and controlling. Same reason cities should fix broken windows and clean up trash instead of adding more police. Trust is the solution to violence.

  2. I think I recognize this guy. He’s not a terrorist – he’s dangerously insane and should not be on the streets. Whoever pushed the alarm bar probably knew him too. If I remember correctly he’s always well dressed and carries a briefcase – he looks like a typical businessman until he starts ranting and getting physically violent.

    I first had the pleasure of making this guy’s acquaintance when he aggressively cut in front of me to board a streetcar. When I said he should wait his turn he called me many creative things, including a “menstruating bitch.” That made me laugh, which only made things worse.

    On my last encounter with him he elbowed an elderly woman very hard in the ribs to get her to move faster into the subway train. When I (a white female) came to the woman’s defence he said I was picking on him because he was black. When I replied that, no he was just an asshole, I honestly thought he was going to deck me. I verbally held him off until the next stop (I couldn’t reach the alarm because he had me pinned in the doorway and NO ONE helped me – even though it was the height of the afternoon rush hour and I yelled that someone had better push the alarm if he touched me again). When the doors opened he spat on me and took off down the platform.

  3. Dear Subway: I trust your version of accounts as factual. It makes sense completely. It remains interesting that Islam becomes a default set of ideas for the violently insane however. Keep in mind that black people in prisons are overwhelmingly the largest demographic of converts to Islam. Perhaps this man is one of them but if not, certainly will be.
    Thank you for your comment.

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