Brother of girls murdered in honor killing threatens to kill their aunt

Brother of girls murdered in honor killing threatens to kill their aunt

Found through Muslims Against Sharia


Amina and Sarah Said were murdered by their father, Yaser Said, on New Year’s Day 2008, because they had non-Muslim boyfriends. Yaser Said has never been caught. Islam Said, the girls’ brother, has apparently gone to Egypt, where he has been sending a series of unhinged comments to the blog Combatting Moonbat News, threatening to murder the girls’ aunt, Gail Gartrell (whom the moronic boy addresses as “gall”). These are by no means the first of these murderous threats, but they are the latest, coming in last week:

kill gall on 2009/03/13 at 10:01pm
i will shot you gall like a dog your time is coming it may take years but you will diey by my hands we will show you a honor killing so smok your weed if you can i will get you all

kill all them

Submitted on 2009/03/13 at 10:16pm i will show you a honor killing gall will be shot frst i am in dallas going too a gun show i am buying gun and boms to get you all no one is going to step on us you think you can run but cant your time is come we will fight for yaser . all i can say fuck the u.s.a and kill them all this sunday you will see i will kill one of you god is god good. do not play games all the time Islam Said Will Not Defend Yaser Said

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has details, plus extensive background on these horrific honor killings that continue to be largely ignored by the mainstream media.

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