More riots in Swedish Suburb.

The article below found at Gates of Vienna. Here is another article discussing rising violence in Stockholm suburbs and how it spread to Tensta

Disturbances hit Stockholm suburb

Published: 17 Feb 09 07:01 CET

Police responded on Monday night to several reports of a brawl involving 40 to 50 young people in Tensta north of Stockholm.

“They apparently lit benches on fire and threw rocks and burning objects,” said police spokesperson Björn Engström to the TT news agency.

The first call came in around 8.20pm. When police and emergency crews arrived they found that a rubbish container had been set ablaze as well.

At 8.43pm, another witness called to report that rocks were being thrown near Tensta’s high school.

“We’re in the process of regrouping so we can put a stop to this. Now these young people have moved northwest towards Tensta city centre, and towards the subway,” said Engström around 9pm.

Thirty minutes later, the situation had begun to calm down.

“We’ve also taken in several and plan to file reports for vandalism by fire, and for preparing for serious assault,” said Engström.

The latter crime, according to Engström, stems from the fact that the youths had piled up rocks in order to throw them from a pedestrian bridge over a road adjacent to the high school.

In addition, police are also considering adding suspicions of arson to the list of crimes, should the risk of the fire having spread be found to be sufficiently great.

Engström said he didn’t know how many suspects have been arrested or detained.

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