Arabic group loses federal funding over hatred

Minister called ‘professional whore’ Ottawa Sun


The Ottawa Sun

Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was called a “professional whore” by Canadian Arab Federation president Khaled Mouammar. (CP PHOTO/Fred Chartrand, file)

OTTAWA — Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is poised to slash federal funding to Canada’s largest Arabic group after its president called him a “professional whore” for supporting Israel.

In an exclusive interview with Sun Media from London, England, where he is to speak today at an international conference on anti-Semitism, Kenney said groups are free within legal bounds to say what they like. But groups whose leaders say intolerant or hateful things shouldn’t get taxpayer funding.

“We should not be rewarding those who express views that are contrary to Canada’s best liberal values of tolerance and mutual respect.”

One of those groups, said Kenney, is the Canadian Arab Federation whose president Khaled Mouammar called him a “professional whore” after Kenney criticized the presence of Hezbollah and Hamas flags at anti-Israel rallies in Toronto.

Kenney said the same group criticized Liberal MP Bob Rae because of his wife’s involvement in Canada’s Jewish community.

The federation received a $447,297 contribution from Kenney’s department to operate a settlement program in Toronto for two years, teaching new immigrants language and job searching skills.


Kenney said he has already asked department officials to weigh comments made by groups when evaluating funding applications, and the comments made by the Arab Federation president will affect its contribution when the current one expires in March 2010.

Mouammar, however, says that Kenney’s decision will hurt newcomers to Canada, not just Arabs. Arabs make up only 5% of those who receive his group’s settlement services, which Mouammar said were among the best in the Toronto area. Mouammar said Kenney’s decision is “vindictive” and accused him of promoting Islamophobia internationally.

“This government is anti-Arab and anti-Muslim,” he said, adding the federal government has refused to meet with the Canadian Arab Federation or the Canadian Islamic Congress since Prime Minister Stephen Harper came to power.

In the interview and in his speech, Kenney was also critical of the Canadian Islamic Congress, saying its former president Mohamed Elmasry once tried to “legitimize the killing of all Israeli adults.”

Wahida Valiante, who succeed Elmasry as president of the CIC — which doesn’t get government funding — said Kenney misrepresented Elmasry’s comments on the world stage.

Kenney’s comments come as he is attending the meeting of the International Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism. Kenney said the theme emerging from the meeting is the new and growing anti-Semitism around the world in the form of anti-Zionism.

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This morning on the Steve Madely program on CFRA Feb 17th 2009 journalist Elizabeth Thompson of the National Bureau was interviewed concerning this story. She added that what sparked Jason Kenny to withdraw funding from these groups was the waving of Hamas and Hizbulah flags at various rallies in Toronto over the Israel Gaza conflict, (covered extensivly on Vlad) which indicated terrorist sympathies at the very least. Hamas and Hizbolah are both illegal terrorist organizations in Canada.
Below, the leader of the Canadian Arab Federation biting the hand that feeds them. It’s nice to see that the hand was aware of the bite for a change.

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17 Replies to “Arabic group loses federal funding over hatred”

  1. Khaled Mouammar is a Palestinian Christian – maybe that is why the Canadian gov. got up the nerves to – sever CAF’s funding!!

    Though Mouammar fires back – accusing Kenney of “promoting Islamophobia internationally” – that’s worst than terrorism theses days !!

    Kenney it seems got a few things of his chest when he went after CAF’s allies – the Canadian Islamic Congress, saying its former president Mohamed Elmasry once tried to “legitimize the killing of all Israeli adults.”

    Isn’t “killing all Israeli adults” an Islamic expression – these days !!

    These groups have clearly gotten a little arrogant – there are probably a number of other groups who could use a share of those funds !!

  2. We need all muslims deported back to there own countries
    They don’t like here in Canada,so get the frick out
    We cannot be become another Islam-Europe

  3. But, I guess, for Kenney it’s all right when Israelis kill Palestinian women and children in Gaza and elsewhere. He has nothing to say about that.

  4. Yeah I bet he does. He probably says something like “If the palistinians didn’t launch 8000 or so rockets into Israel intending to murder children during a cease fire, then Israel wouldnt have to go to war with them

  5. Muslims should go back to Islamic countries, go enjoy living under that wonderful Sharia Law. The Islamic ideology is incompatible with the values of freedom and justice for all. Take that backwards Arab “culture” back to the desert and leave it there.

  6. Yea your right,Israel shouldn’t do anything,maybe even reward Hamas.
    Come on 10,000 rockets in 8 years,thats nothing,I agree why would you respond to that,Israel has nerve
    And when they did attack they sent out flyers and text messages warning civillans to leave certain areas,how inhumane
    I heard Bi Laden did the same at 9/11.
    To all you pro Islam ass kissers
    Fucking wake up

  7. Canada has every right to withhold federal funding to any group. The dole should not be shelled out to those who seek to undermine Canadian values via the implementation of sharia and the open support of terrorism.

    The CAF got what it clearly deserved; a resounding NO from Canadian taxpayers. This group, an umbrella organization of more than 40 like-minded groups, will have to double up their financial efforts, unassisted by the average tax payer. They’d better start baking alot of brownies for those upcoming Halal bake sales.

  8. My Allah is better than your Allah is a serious debate at the ministers’ office between his staff, Velshi -“Shia” and the CAF president, Moummar -“Sunni”

    Is Jason Kenney an Anti -Muslim (Sunni) ? Who do we have on Kenney’s foreign Policy staff? Why Mr. Kenney was attacked by Canadian Arab Federation president Khaled Mouammar ( Muslim Sunni),

    What is the real equation in the minister mind? This indicates that Jason Kenney is Pro -Shia but in the same token also he is an Anti -Iran ? Is this possible! we know that Iran supports Hamas and Hezbollah, but Kenney is Pro – Isreal, and Pro-Shia hmmmmmm!!

    Alykhan Velshi, (Muslim Shia) Legal Experience: 2 years-Jurisdictions: New York- not Canada, advised his boss Kenney to Cuts Funds To Arab SUNNI Group For Noting His Professionalism! why These recent attacks at the Minister from the Sunni Muslim, and not the Shia Muslim.
    He is an Ismaili Conservative Shia Muslim, graduated from the London School of Economics and was appointed , senior special assistant for foreign policy and parliamentary affairs, he is one of Jason Kenney’s staffers ‘living multiculturalism’ .We have a Hindu, Christian, Muslim and a Budhist,’ says Tenzin Khangsar, staff director to Mr. Kenney. ‘It’s a great example of the minister’s commitment to his job.’

    What Mr. Velshi is really saying is that if the government can do as it pleases with any one of us, it can do what it pleases with all of us. It would be in our own self-interest to consider Conrad Black innocent until such time as is proven otherwise.

    Jihad Watch: Alykhan Velshi and Mahathir Mohamad on moderate …

    Posts Tagged ‘Alykhan Velshi’

    Misjudging Charity

    Keyword: 911Alykhan Velshi, a spokesman for Immigration Minister… U.S.-based Imam Urges Muslims to Join the Gaza Battlefield. 01/13/2009

    Alykhan Velshi on Islamic Fundamentalism on National Review Online

    Alykhan Velshi Responds to Robert Spencer and I Respond to Him.

    Conservative Minister Jason Kenney visits Humayun’s Tomb in New Delhi, India

    His Highness the Aga Khan’s 71st Birthday

    Iraqi Expat: Sheikh al-Azhar sides with the Iraqis

    CSIP Quotes Mr. Velshi:” Look – I suppose I’m what one would call a moderate Muslim, though for reasons I won’t get into I dislike the term (I also dislike being called a “compassionate conservative”, the adjective being redundant and somewhat offensive). I support the Bush doctrine, have a favorable disposition towards Israel, and supported the right to publish the Danish cartoons. Yet I cringed when reading Benedict’s speech, and not jut because of its laughable recounting of 15th century Christianity’s embrace of reason and tolerance, The problem with Benedict’s speech, and it’s illustrated perfectly by the quotation I cited above, is that it gives moderate Muslims no option other than to renounce our faith

    Velshi contends that by quoting the words “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman,” Pope Benedict is “not giving moderate Muslims any wiggle room in which to offer an internal-Islamic critique of the bin Ladenists.” Velshi :”adds that he doesn’t even like the term “moderate Muslim,” suggesting that the adjective is “redundant and somewhat offensive” — in other words, to be a Muslim is to be moderate. But evidently Pope Benedict, Jihad Watch and I, as opposed to National Review and the AEI, do not offer “a bold challenge to moderate Muslims,” but instead we are “alienating them. “What I have asked again and again of Muslims who identify themselves as moderate is this: that they acknowledge to exist, and renounce definitively, the elements of Islamic theology that jihadists are using to wage war against non-Muslims around the world.

    The Pope is not giving, and I’m not giving, peaceful Muslims a chance to fight the “bin Ladenists” because we point out that that is happening? Just the opposite, Velshi.:” The Pope is showing the way, and since you mention me also I’ll say that in my small way I am also trying to show the way, to the only truly viable path to genuine Islamic reform. But only showing the way: of course, that reform can be accomplished only by Muslims, if it can be done at all. Do I think that reform is likely? I don’t, and for two reasons: 1. Because the texts to which I refer do actually exist, and jihadists can and do use them to paint any Muslim reformer as a heretic or apostate — thus putting his life in danger. And 2. Because of denial from moderates, such as I have been discussing: If you won’t even admit there is a problem, Velshi,:”you will never, ever, be able to fix it. Unquote

    CSIP Lobbying Group believes as any Canadian Political party believes, that Our Canadian policies, focus on these (4)main points, which all other policies connect to and are dependent upon. Without these solid points addressed, Canada becomes a shell of a country, a colony under corporate rule.

    Monetary Control- The use of our Bank of Canada in the best interest of all Canadians and to maintain and enhance sovereignty.

    Sovereignty-The ability to make laws and decisions for Canadians by Canadians.

    Civil and Human Rights -The restoration and fulfillment of our rights as originally intended under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution.

    Parliamentary Reform-The changes needed to bring our country to a state of complete interactive democracy, for the people, by the people.

    Energy Freedom Compel the release to the public and funding of existing alternate technology that can free us from a dependence on damaging fossil fuels. Moratorium on the use of depleted uranium.

    Without these solid points addressed, Canada is a shell of a country, a colony under corporate and financial rule

  9. The first serious manifestation of anti-Semitism, Racism hatred exists in the Minister Kenney’s’ dark closet when he picks and chooses who is funded and who is not in Canada! Shia versus Sunni

    Minister Kenney does not have a foot to stand on in his ministry when he makes decisions on people in Canada are Pro- Palestinians! Ask his staff, the Shia Muslim Alykhan Velshi,

    The article “Arab group calls Kenney ‘professional whore’ was circulated world wide since February 16, 2009 attacking his ideology and what he stands for. Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney>>>

    TORONTO — Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney was recently given an additional title, albeit a crude and uncomplimentary one.

    According to one Canadian Jewish News paper staff reporter ANDY LEVY-AJZENKOPF, wrote “ Last week, Kenney was termed a “professional whore” by Khaled Mouammar ( Muslim Sunni) , president of the Toronto-based, non-profit Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), both for Kenney’s personal support of Israel and his denunciations of radical pro-Palestinian supporters carrying signs supporting Hamas and Hezbollah – considered terrorist groups by Canada – at rallies across the country last month against Israel’s recent military operation in Gaza.

    On the other hand, the same so called, Minister Kenney has one of his staff, a conservative Shia Muslim that supports the Bush doctrine, have a favorable disposition towards Israel, and supported the right to publish the Danish cartoons!. Yet he cringed when reading Pope Benedict’s speech!, and he claimed not jut because of its laughable recounting of 15th who is discussed by Muslim Shia’s century Christianity’s embrace of reason and tolerance!!

    Kenney said:” his department is now evaluating whether certain groups – including the CAF – should continue to receive public funding, because of their alleged promotion of terror groups and anti-Semitism”.

    Has the minister planning to question how many organizations in Canada are Pro- Palestinians who supports Hamas and Hezbollah?

    Is the Society so called The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultant (CSIC) that his ministry recognizes , supports and funded $1.2 Million Dollars contains more than 600 Middle Eastern members of Muslim Iranian, Palestinians, Pakistani’s and Indian who are supporter of Extremists Muslims in Palestine and encourages Hamas ruling in that region (GAZA) !. Is he planning to pull the plug and cut funding including the withdrawal of his Ministerial support from that Society so called “CSIC”!

    Minister Kenney said he “couldn’t care less” about the disparaging comments made by Mouammar. What about the Canadians who are disparaging his reputation for the past two weeks. The Minister needs a Reality check because he should care if he wants 800.000 Arab/ Jewish people in Canada to vote for him in the next election.

    Is the Prime Minister taking notes of this Kenney’s actions! What is he planning to doe about it if he wants to stay in power?

    “They can say whatever they like about the government and ministers. It’s a free country!. I’ve had much worse things said about me by much better people,” he said. “But my point [in weighing whether to continue funding the CAF], is whether an organization … that distributes videos produced by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that glorifies terrorism [and] indoctrinates children into the cult of anti-Semitic hatred… is not an organization, in my opinion, that should be receiving taxpayer subsidies.”!

    How many Jewish organizations in Canada promoting hate against Arab people in Canada? Is this Okay with this Ministers’ ideology on Anti Racism ! Is this also part of his statement “takes a zero-tolerance approach to expressions of anti-Semitism in the public square.” !

    This minister does not speak for the vast majority of Canadians of Arab Muslim and Christian origin of 3 Million in Canada, who are honest, decent, thoughtful, democratic, moderate people; most of whom came to this country seeking life in a stable, liberal democracy, not this kind of the Minister shrill, cartoonish voice of extremism that his Staff Alykhan Velshi, too often represents,” Kenney s’ vast statements.

    “I’m simply saying, when we make funding decisions we should take into account the character of the organization and its leadership?

    Has he taken a serious thought of investigating the chairman Mr. John Ryan and his unethical society “CSIC” who are under Government investigation for the past 4 years and the minister ignored his own government motion and recommendation to wound up this society of financial mismanagement of taxpayers funds. The Minister is well aware that CSIC board members and its members are promoting extremism each time service Immigration application from Arab Origin, or implicitly promoting anti-Semitism against other Jewish members, I think that should be a serious consideration for the Minister to stop this double talk!.

    I hope Alykhan Velshi is no relation to Ali Velshi. the CNN reporter on Economy.

    |Disclaimer for CSIP/CNLG Journalism Group reporting

  10. Aw, poor moslems don’t like Canada. Well here’s a news flash, you goddamn bastards – GET THE HELL OUT! No one wants you here. You weren’t invited here. Go back to your MOSLEM lands if you want your moslemism. Canada isn’t going to become a moslem state just to satisfy YOU stinking bastards.

  11. Oh, and another thing for you moslems. Take that damn Little Mosque on the Prairie propeganda/desensitizating bullshit with you when you leave. CBC needs its ass kicked for pandering to moslems. Let’s see CBC go to Meccaland or Saudi Arabia and try to produce and air ‘Little Church on the Sand Dune’ and see what happens. You’d be smashed down faster than the twin towers. People are waking up to the knowledge of how islam is planning and carrying out its aim of world domination. More people need to wake up. While the west has been ‘sleeping’, islam and its filthy, satanic agenda has been silently seeping in under the ‘bedroom door’ like a toxic, deadly fog. WAKE UP WEST, before its too late.

  12. To Notoislam
    perfectly stated,
    I’m glad to see that there are people out there who realize that we are at WAR with Islam.
    Islam is Evil

  13. I received the following note to my email address to remind me that there was a comment replied to my positing.

    The Author: Notoislam who claimed to hate the Muslims in Canada, Have you supported the conservatives party? have you donated to Minister Kenney, if the answer is Yes, then take your note and send it to him instead of us.

    There is a new comment on the post “Arabic group loses federal funding over hatred”.

    Author: Notoislam
    Oh, and another thing for you moslems. Take that damn Little Mosque on the Prairie propeganda/desensitizating bullshit with you when you leave. CBC needs its ass kicked for pandering to moslems. Let’s see CBC go to Meccaland or Saudi Arabia and try to produce and air ‘Little Church on the Sand Dune’ and see what happens. You’d be smashed down faster than the twin towers. People are waking up to the knowledge of how islam is planning and carrying out its aim of world domination. More people need to wake up. While the west has been ‘sleeping’, islam and its filthy, satanic agenda has been silently seeping in under the ‘bedroom door’ like a toxic, deadly fog. WAKE UP WEST, before its too late.

    Too bad that you are a narrow minded person that desperately need to be educated about other religions and beliefs, I am not a Muslim as you thought or alleged, but which religion is a true or respected one. Sorry that you feel the way you do, I am not here to change your mind because this is how you grew up in this country. Minister Kenney created unpleasant atmposhere to many Canadians in his attack on other religion.

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