More actions against Jews and Israeli’s. two shot in Denmark at mall

As predicted here and on girl on the right and countless other blogs newspapers and media I’m sure, there is an escalation of attacks against Jewish people and anything perceived to be Israeli world wide. Of course after watching the film The Monster among us its hard to tell what an escalation is. Here is a short article from the Jerusalem Post about an attack in Denmark.

Two Israelis were lightly wounded when they were shot by a group of men in a mall in Odense, Denmark on Wednesday afternoon

The Israelis were selling at a stand in the mall – a job many young Israelis pursue, usually following military service, in order to save for their future and to continue their travels.

A group of men with Middle Eastern-looking features approached them and an altercation developed. A man in the group then brandished a weapon and fired at the Israelis.

One of them was hit in the hand and the other in the leg. Their wounds were not life-threatening. The man hit in the arm had his bone broken by the bullet near the elbow, his employer in Denmark told Channel 2 on the phone. The man was speaking just as his employee was getting into surgery at a Danish hospital.

The public’s assistance was requested in capturing the shooter, who was probably a Palestinian, police said. His getaway car was already found but he had fled on foot.

The Foreign Ministry said Israeli security services abroad had already been put on high alert several days ago.

It was assumed that the incident was related to the IDF offensive against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

I will bundle these links up as a single post soon. This was highly predictable though and I believe all people and organizations who can be perceived as being related to Israel in any way should consider themselves as potential targets more now than since this, The Third Jihad by Islam has started its swing. Of course it can be said and has been that the best way to beat the Nazi’s is to be Jewish. To simply exist as a Jew is an act of defiance and a win over the forces that seek to destroy it. But that doesn’t offer much security to those currently perceived to be affiliated with Israel. If the price of freedom is eternal vigilance in better times, now it’s the cost of survival.

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