The Third Jihad. Just when you think you know how bad it is….

…You find out it’s worse. This film, made by the makers of Obsession, radical Islam’s war with the west is a stunning set of revelations even to those of us already active in the anti jihad.

The Third Jihad is narrated by an American Muslim, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser who was stunned to find that the Islamic community within the US not only failed to protest the actions of Bin Laden and Al Queda but had developed an advanced network of homegrown Jihadis within the USA funded and trained to create a Sharia state in America by all and any means possible. This movie is well documented and many of you who read this blog will remember many of the issues and events this film raises. But its for the things you may not know that make this a compulsory view. If you wish to buy it you can click the link below to Amazon and help support Vladtepesblog at the same time but one way or another everyone needs to see this film.

This movie of course deals with terrorism but more importantly it deals with the ‘soft jihad’ where the institutions of state and commerce are subverted to appease Islamic sensibilities in a slippery slope to Sharia law. The thirty minute version of this movie can be seen here and here. But see the whole film and if you can, buy it. The makers of this movie deserve to be paid for it. Let’s hope they use the income to make more movies like this one and its a great bet they will.

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