Possible solution to cultural conflict in Canada. Halaloween!

As various Canadian agencies work hard to disintegrate all Canadian traditions culture and common bonds in the name of tolerance and diversity an idea occurred to me. Why not make it inclusive instead of exclusive. Lets create Halaloween. Women can walk the streets in their burkhas (with their husbands brothers or fathers of course) Threatening people who try and give them candies.

Kids can go as suicide bombers and knock on doors with the traditional cry of Alahu snackbar or ‘death to the infidels.’ If there are any pork products in any of the candies they can pull the cord.

Women preparing for Halaloween

Women out for Hallaloween

Since we can’t seem to get any international agencies to condemn the abuse of children prevalent in the Islamic world by forcing children to become human bombs lets integrate it into a long honored Canadian tradition!
Are these candies Halal?

Are these candies Halal?

As Toronto school boards have seen fit to rename Halloween ‘Black and Orange day’ an alternative might be to create a special day for Canadian culture. We can call it ‘black and blue day’.
We all hide in our homes and do Christmas Chonuka Halloween and other related rituals and have the kids watch out for the police.

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