The canary isn’t looking so well. Europe and anti semitism

Jews are the canary in the coal mine. Historically when a Jewish population is under siege, you can expect the same for other strata of the population to follow.

Europe’s new antisemitism fueled mostly by Islamic immigrants but gleefully supported by Europe’s leftists (as usual) is at such high gear that a film was made of it recently, The Monster among Us.

A few years ago, Israel sent a couple of jumbo jets to evacuate Jewish citizens from France.

Now we see Holland’s police force refusing to take complaints from a Jewish man who was beaten by two Muslim Moroccans claiming everyone on the force was dealing with an armed robbery. Holland, recently a land famous for its libertarian tolerance seems to have forgotten its own slightly less recent past.

For the full story on this please see the excellent blog, Klein Verzet

While I realize that this may be an isolated incident and perhaps it will do more harm than good to focus on it, I must ask this all important question. Perhaps its the one that most seriously shapes history.

“When does a series of ‘isolated events’ become recognized as policy?”

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