Jack Layton opens his party to front for Islamists

There is no doubt in my mind that the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) is an organization promoting extreme Islamist ideology operating in Canada with it’s president Muhammed Elmasry, top resident radical, at the operating helm.

Unlike other Muslim organizations who intend to secure a respectful and harmonious relationship within Canadian society, the CIC maintains an aggressive and relatively unchecked campaign to navigate Canada toward Islamic statehood.

There is no better illustration of this than it’s endorsement of the New Democratic Party in the upcoming federal election. As the Congress busies itself duping socialist politicians (with little to no understanding of the true nature of the Islamist agenda) into believing they are representative of a humanitarian and peaceful stance, Jack Layton and his NDP party endorse CIC operative Salima Laouini in the Montreal riding of Bourassa in the name of cultural diversity. Last week I wrote on this issue. For details see “ Islam, politics and the Canadian left in the current federal election”. 

The following is an excellent article written by Salim Mansur, columnist for the Toronto Star. He also weighs in on the issue, illustrating the connection between socialist political opportunism and radical Islam’s intent to further it’s own political manifest destiny within Canadian society. To quote Mansur, ” Islamism is a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion, not dissimilar to Bolshevism and Maoism”.

” In Canada and other western countries the Islamist agenda is to push for the recognition of sharia as a parallel legal system. This would make allowance for sharia-based rules; unequal male-female relationships, dress codes and gender exclusion, divorce and child custody, inheritance rules, polygamy, limited free speech in discussions of Islam- that run counter to the values of secular, liberal democracy”, Mansur continues to write.

” Since most Canadians are generally uninformed of the distinction between Islam and Islamism, they are readily open to the deception of Islamists”.

There is little excuse for any federal political party to be so completely uninformed and ignorant of the nature of Islamism in Canada and to be blind to it’s purveyors is grossly negligent. 

The CIC touts itself as an exclusively Canadian non-government organization with no affiliation to any group, body, ideology or government, representing an independent voice for Canada’s Muslims. Really???


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