Jail time for Mohamed. Ottawa home invader sentanced.

While at first glance this story may look like a mere crime and not related to Islam a close look at the tactics reveals the ethos of Islam at work both in the methods and motives of this brutal and lengthy crime in Ottawa Canada. From today’s Ottawa Citizen a major Canadian daily: (thanks Grace)

‘Ringleader’ of home takeover going to prison

20-year-old gets three years, 9 months after house turned into crack operation

Andrew Seymour, Ottawa Citizen

Published: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OTTAWA-A man found guilty of forcing a woman to repeatedly perform oral sex on him after using violence and intimidation to take over her home was sentenced Wednesday to three years and nine months in prison .

Khalid “A.J.” Mohammad, 20, was handed the sentence after being found guilty earlier this month of 10 charges, including four counts of sexual assault along with assault with a weapon, criminal harassment and being unlawfully in a dwelling.

Court heard how Mr. Mohammad and three other men took over a Ritchie Street home, converted it into a crack cocaine operation and used violence and fear to control a mother and her two children who lived there.

After receiving two-for-one credit for 300 days spent in pre-sentence custody, Mr. Mohammad still has two years and one month of the sentence left to serve.

“I am satisfied that the leader of the group that invaded … the dwelling on Ritchie Street is the accused before the court,” said Ontario Court Justice Jean-Marie Bordeleau.

Judge Bordeleau said he hoped the sentence would send a message to other “like-minded persons” thinking about committing similar acts.

Mr. Mohammad, who wore a black suit jacket over a collared dress shirt and black dress pants, remained silent and hung his head as he received the sentence. A young woman who sat with several of Mr. Mohammad’s family members in the public gallery cried softly as the sentence was read.

Assistant Crown attorney Mark Holmes had asked the judge for a four- to six-year sentence, calling Mr. Mohammad the “ringleader” of the group whose sole “insidious” purpose for taking over the home was to traffic crack cocaine.

The four men were arrested in early December after the woman’s 16-year-old son told a teacher about the situation at his home. In court, the teenager testified that some of the men, particularly Mr. Mohammad, beat him almost daily, held swords to his throat and threatened to cut off his head.

The boy’s 39-year-old mother had also complained that Mr. Mohammad forced her to perform oral sex on him four times.

The court heard that Mr. Mohammad was invited to stay in the home by the woman’s boyfriend, a drug user, in early November. The other men arrived and refused to leave. Mr. Mohammad was the last to stand trial on charges connected with the incident – the three others pleaded guilty to lesser charges for their role in the takeover. Two of the men were released after receiving credit for time served, while the third was sentenced to an additional four months in jail.

“These crimes are appalling, deplorable and dehumanizing,” said Mr. Holmes, calling the four sexual assaults an aggravating factor in Mr. Mohammad’s case. “He was doing this to dominate her and because he thought he could get away with it.”

Mr. Mohammad’s lawyer, Israel Gencher, had asked for a sentence of a two years less a day plus two years of probation. Mr. Gencher argued that his client’s young age and potential for rehabilitation should be taken into consideration when determining sentence.

Mr. Gencher said Mr. Mohammad came to Canada in 1994 from Kuwait with his parents and three siblings. At the time of the offences, Mr. Mohammad, who is a Canadian citizen, was attempting to finish his high school diploma at Algonquin College.

“Mr. Mohammad is aware of the shame he has brought on his family. He regrets his actions,” he said.

In addition to the prison sentence, Mr. Mohammad was also handed a lifetime weapons prohibition, added to the sex offender registry and ordered to submit a sample of his DNA to the national databank.


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3 Replies to “Jail time for Mohamed. Ottawa home invader sentanced.”

  1. i dont understand how the court could convict him with no evidence. he didnt do this and he doesnt deserve to be in jail. he deserves to be out with his family and people who care about him. theres no evidence only the women saying he did it therefore he shouldnt have been convicted guilty. he would never do something like this ive known khalid my whole life and he would never in his life do something likke this. this is not fair at all . his whole life just got flushed down the drain for something he didnt even do . this is ridiculous.

  2. So you knew him in Kuwait? He only moved here in 1994 and you have known him his whole life so I assume you knew him in Kuwait. Secondly, he did say the following”

    “Mr. Mohammad is aware of the shame he has brought on his family. He regrets his actions,” he said.

    Now why would he regret something he didn’t, as you say’ do? clearly he confessed to the crime. Also, did the 16 year old son beat himself up every day? cause the reason Mohamed was caught was a teacher noticed the son was beaten every day.
    I might add Canadian courts tend to heavily favour the defendant. If a Canadian court found him guilty, chances are the charges where far far worse than what he was convicted of.
    Let’s not forget the crack aspect of this. The man Mohamed was also convicted of using the home as a base, what they call in arabic, ‘Al Queda’ for selling crack cocaine.
    So I’m a little unmoved by your claim of innocence as you provide no evidence and the courts had a great deal of it.

  3. Unlike Islamic courts, Canada’s legal system is fair to the point of being exhaustive. The collection of evidence, it’s thorough assessment at trial and the provision of fair representation for any accused are the steady hallmarks of a principled democratic system.

    Canadian courts do not render guilty verdicts based on the “word of mouth” theory from anyone. That principle it would seem, is reserved for Islamic courts and the men they wholeheartedly serve to protect. Should two women have testified? The evidence itself convicted Mr. Khalid. The mother’s testimony was part of a body of evidence presented against him and a fair court sentenced him for his crimes.

    Anyone who supplants himself in another’s home for the purposes of terrorizing a family, turning the residence into a crack depot, threatening to behead a woman’s teenaged son, beating him up daily and forcing her to perform oral sex while her children witness the perversion, deserves incarceration.

    The only disappointment in my view, is Mr. Khalid will not serve a long enough sentence.

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