a collection of leftist and Islamic outrages Sept 18 2008

The rate at which new information of interest to the anti jihad has become so fast and furious we at vladtepesblog can’t post all of them with the attention each is deserving of. I would like to post instead a few links and a rough idea of each so you may check what strikes interest in you with more detail.

Dutch government fails to prosecute spy from Morocco in case it shows multiculturalism in a bad light

Pakistani clerics declare fatwa on USA for incursions into Pakistan

While on the surface the above story is reasonable its these same clerics who are aiding and abetting Al Queda and the Pakistani Taliban that made these strikes necessary in the first place.

Boston Mass. Mosque defies own agreement not to broadcast call to prayer using the ‘taquia’ (islamic accepted lying to infidels to advance Islam) presumably

The Somali Muslim meat packing debacle continues along highly predictable lines

For more on these and other recent outrages see Jihad Watch. The Boston Mosque will likely generate very different headlines in a few years. Probably sooner

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