Canadian Government funds pro terrorist play.

Of course they, those funders of arts in Canada may or may not have known they where funding a play making a sympathetic charachter out of someone who aids abbetts and is complicit with terrorists but they do know they where funding irrational leftists as thats the only people that get funding for arts in Canada.

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From The Ottawa Citizen

Play propaganda

The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Monday, September 15, 2008

Re: My name is Controversy, Sept. 12.

Citizen reviewer Patrick Langston hit the nail on the head when he criticized the play My name is Rachel Corrie that “Toward the end of the play, she [Rachel Corrie] delivers a pro-Palestinian diatribe. Wednesday’s audience grew restless and … the production flagged.” Indeed, the piece is nothing short of political propaganda masquerading as theatre.

It is regrettable that Mr. Langston did not provide the readers with the true context of Rachel Corrie’s activities in Gaza, namely shielding fugitive terrorists, obstructing security forces on an operation to detect terrorists’ tunnels designed to smuggle explosives, and providing the Gazan terrorists with anti-western propaganda. A photo of Rachel Corrie burning U.S. flags, to the delight of Gaza children, is on record at

In our democratic society, one is free to propagate one’s views within the framework of the law. I would be the last person to support censorship. The question arises, however, whether the taxpayer should be forced to fund organizations that knowingly participate in pro-Jihad, pro-terrorist propaganda. The federal government and the City of Ottawa fund Arts Court, where the play is being staged, and I object to my tax money being abused by Arts Court.

Joseph Alexander Norland


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