Back to school in Kabul

Want to really piss off the Taliban in Afghanistan? Open up a school. Better yet, open up a school for girls and watch the cruelty of the Islamic madmen which surely follows. Korshied Samad, former Kabul bureau chief and correspondent for Fox News and wife of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Canada writes of this moral depravity in a thoughtful article which appears in today’s edition of the Ottawa Citizen.

” Educated minds will rebuild with purpose and dignity. Since the Taliban’s aim is only to destroy, murder and intimidate, rebuilding Afghanistan is far from their agenda. They want to leave it a barren wasteland, a war-torn and opium riddled country, inhabited by impoverished and illiterate men and women. Nothing speaks louder than the torching of more than 110,000 textbooks headed for schools”.

I would like to remind all those who condemn Canada’s presence and efforts in Afghanistan of their irrational arguments and selfish disregard for these Afghani school children as they send their own daughters off to school tomorrow morning.


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