Ayaan Hirsi Alli on Canadian TV show with Avi Lewis

I thought I had put this video up when it was more current and apparently I did not. I do feel it needs to be seen though for two reasons. The first of which, is Ayaan’s amazing story about oppression of women in Islam and the second of which is a clear demonstration of how absolutely hypocritical the Canadian leftist media is when of of their darlings, womens and gay rights, runs right over a more sacred leftist tar baby, hatred of the US and anything conservative or traditionally liberal and individualist. Avi Lewis attempts to destroy Ayaan Alli who knows more about Islam and women than he can ever know by attacking her for defending the USA. I fyou have not seen this video, its a must see to get a sense of where Canada is at.
Its also worth knowing that Avi Lewis, the host of this show who is so rabidly anti western he left and went to work for Al Jazeera last I checked.

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