Alberta’s HRC’s breaks Canadian freedom of information laws. Refuses order to show documents it generates

Amazing. Canada’s HRC’s which already feel they are above the law in many respects now refuses to comply with Canada’s freedom of information act.

From Ezra Levant’s blog…

I haven’t seen any public report about it yet, but a journalist at CTV told me that the radical Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities, part of the Saudi values coalition that hauled me to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, has threatened to appeal my acquittal on “hate speech” charges for publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed in 2006.

I think it’s probably just tough talk on their part — it reminds me of an Arab friend of mine who told me that, as a conscript in the Egyptian army, he was taught that their disastrous defeat in the 1967 Six Day War was actually a great victory over Israel. That’s the radical Muslim way — rechristen (can I say that?) defeats as great victories. Anything to save face, anything to avoid dealing with dissonant reality.

But the HRC’s decision actually was a victory for them, in everything but name. They punished a troublesome Jew for three years — and had Gentile taxpayers foot the bill. That’s got to be a 90% victory over there at the Edmonton Council for Muslim Communities.

Speaking of the HRC, I’m told by a journalist at the CBC that the government is disputing my $500,000 figure for the cost of prosecuting me. I based that estimate on the time the investigation took (900 days); the number of staff on the file (15 that I know of) and the amount of dealings that the HRC forced me and my lawyer to go through (an enormous amount of hoop-jumping). I have received 200 pages of disclosure from the HRC in my access to information requests. One of the purposes is to find out exactly how much those sloths spent prosecuting me. No surprise — they have refused to turn over hundreds of documents, including all e-mails about me and my case.

Gee — they wouldn’t be hiding anything, would they? What on Earth could they have written about me and my case that would make them refuse to comply with Alberta’s freedom of information and privacy laws?

I’ve appealed their attempt to stonewall me, and they’ve referred the matter to an adjudicator. Surprise! She used to work at the human rights commission herself. Surprise! When my lawyer and I objected to that, we were overruled.

I bet that when all the documents finally come out, we’ll see that this group of useful idiots spent closer to a million dollars prosecuting me. And if the Saudi values coalition wins their appeal, it will be much, much more money. But not Saudi money — Alberta taxpayers’ money.

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