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The tale of two hate crimes

In 1979, John Taylor was the first Canadian convicted of “hate speech” offences under section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Taylor, a kooky Nazi sympathizer, set up a phone answering machine with anti-Semitic messages on it, and handed out pamphlets telling people to call. He was convicted, and when he refused to change his answering machine message, he was sentenced to a year in jail. Taylor — then in his seventies — served nine months. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on him, which is more or less accurate.

So nine months in the clink for… having a rude answering machine message.

Fast forward to 2006. A Muslim immigrant named Mustafa Taj approached four teenagers at a subway station in Calgary. He demanded of them, “who’s Jewish?” When sixteen-year-old Nichola Cordata said “me”, Taj said “I’m Muslim and hate Jews” and slapped her face and pulled her hair. Cordata’s friends tried to help, and they were beaten, and one was thrown on the train tracks. Taj called Cordata a “Jewish piece of crap”.

This week, Taj was sentenced to a year in jail, but he’ll get credit for “double time served” because he has been held in remand. So he has just three months left.

I’m not sure if statutory release applies to such a short sentence; if so, he’ll get out even earlier as a matter of course. And if regular parole provisions apply (I’m rusty on those), he’ll be out on full parole in a month, and on day parole in just a few weeks. (If there are experienced criminal lawyers reading this, please correct me in the comments section.)

So, let’s recap.

A cranky old coot sets up a phone answering machine that says anti-Semitic things. He’s a harmless fool. And he serves nine months in jail.

A Muslim serial criminal beats up a Jewish girl and her friends because she’s Jewish. He gets a three month sentence, on top of a few months in remand. He’ll be out in a month.

If only John Taylor was a “Muslim youth”, instead of a cranky Nazi wannabe! Then the Canadian Jewish Congress and the rest of the “human rights” establishment would have ignored him.

I clicked on the CJC’s website today, to see what they have to say about this. Cue crickets chirping. I’m sure the CJC’s Bernie “Burny” Farber and Warren Kinsella will have something to say when they get back from their romantic lunch with the Canadian Islamic Congress.

You see, it’s hard to take on violent Muslims. It’s politically incorrect. It actually takes work — not just sitting in front of a computer screen. And it’s dangerous — look what happened to Theo van Gogh.

Better to chase after some ageing, impotent Nazis denying the last Holocaust, than the young, violent Muslim radicals planning the next one.

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