Canada and the HRC’s and the CRTC

I have wondered what Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper thinks about Canada’s so called ‘Human Rights Tribunals’. So far many Canadians and even some long time Liberal supporters feel Harper may be the best PM Canada has ever had.

Even so, his silence on the HRC’s have been enough to take my meager contribution to the Conservative party and benchmark it for the defense of the Canada six, the bloggers who are slated to be keel hauled by Canada’s various HRC’s.

Then thanks to fellow Vlad contributor Grace, I saw this:

“Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack
on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a
democratic society … It is, in fact, totalitarian.”

– Stephen Harper, 1999

This is a rather excellent bit of good news. Lets hope he acts on it. The above link is one in a flood of recent articles condemning the HRC’s and Canada’s rapid slide into totalitarian leftism. I’ts wonderful to see many of Canada’s major newspapers and media suddenly showing a little guts and risking HRC attacks on themselves to do their jobs but still, fear of Canada’s CRTC prevents them from telling the truth about immigration from Islamic nations and violent crime directly related to the politics of their nation and religion of origins.

An astonishing example of this would be the story of a Scandinavian blogger who reported that rapes in Norway are six times higher than the national average amongst the Islamic community. His government is taking him to court on hate crimes merely for reposting what he found on that very government’s own web site.

(more on Islamic rape in Europe)

In essence what I am saying is, it will be great if Canada manages to neuter the rabid fascist HRC’s and restore the illusion of freedom of speech to that level at least but then I hope media has the guts to take on the real fight. The Canadian Radio and Television Commission who’s mandate is not that different. Truth of a statement is also no defense with them. Any media that dared mention that the Jamaican community was wildly over represented in Toronto violent crime would face their wrath and they also seem not to understand the difference between race and culture, one which is a minimal if any factor in behavior and the other which is nearly always the driving force behind actions. One may notice a conspicuous absence of violent offenders from for instance, Barbados. Same race, and the islands are not too far apart but the cultures of each, clearly different.

Let’s hope that Canadians continue the fight for freedom of speech and speak their truths loudly and without fear and not, as I so often hear, dismiss freedom as some kind of vulgar ‘American’ ideal. Freedom is the best state any people can aspire to, and it must be fought for constantly as history is our judge, there will always be those who for our own good, seek to take it away from us.

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