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Today, June 2 a bomb killed 8 people and injured 24 at the Danish Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan. It appears at the moment that the bomb was in a car with forged diplomatic plates and was the work of Al Queda.

Today would be an excellent day to wear a Danish cartoon on a T shirt. As i have said before, the best defence is ridicule. If enough of us wear T shirts with a decent laugh at the expense of the religion of peace, this WILL stop.

I have a nice image of the three stooges, Larry Curly and Mohamed which makes an excellent T shirt. I recommend you all get something like it and wear it all week. Lets show these death dealing bronze age arseholes that we will not be dictated to, and have our freedom of thought destroyed by acts of savagery. For a change.





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  1. write me at and drop $25.00 in the donate button, 20 for the shirt and 5 for shipping. I have large and extra large only. Xtra is fairly large. Would make a nice nightgown for a woman.
    Write me with the address and I will send it within the next day or so.

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