Mark Steyn on Michael Coren

Mark Steyn was his usual brilliant self on the Michael Coren show Thursday Night May 8th 2008. Of course I will try and have the feed here for you to see.

In segment 1 he speaks a bit about Israel and its history in a refreshing way.

 Segment 2 Steyn says some very interesting things about Quebec and its ambition to statehood. He also begins to discuss the real issue, Multiculturalism. It is as one would expect, excellent.

“Multi Culturalists is a cult of ignorance”

 Segment 4 Steyn deals with the complaint by El Masry and his shills as well as what free speech means especially in Canada. The Human Rights commissions are ‘metasticising’


Segment 5 More on the HRC’s in Canada and how they operate. The process is the punishment. Richard Warman is dealt with who is a rather odd case all on his own.


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