The inherent hypocracy of multiculturalism

I cant help but get a wry smile every time I read an article like this one.  When the word ‘multiculturalism’ started to become common parlance in Canada in the 70s even as a teenager I asked myself and others, ‘How can feminism and Islam ever have dominion in the same jurisdiction?’

Of course I wouldn’t have worded it that way I would more likely have said something like the feminists and Muslims cant both have their way in one country or something like that but the point stands either way. This article is one of several thousand examples one can pretty easily find where the idea that women are at least equal to, and in many cases greater than men in law, (greater than, in Canadian family law certainly)  and Islam and treatment of women under shariah law clash harshly.

Australia of course like the UK and the rest of the western world is trying to decide how fast and how hard to submit to Islam in order not to seem racist. (This concept alone is so absurd I had to deal with it separately in my article ‘Christians and Muslims and Jews OH MY!’ in an earlier article on this blog) but one assumes that this will stop before complete dhimmitude is achieved.

In this case, we have a female university professor who is teaching a course in women’s and mostly lesbian sexuality in the middle east…

Dr Habib, who has written her PhD thesis on female homosexuality in the Middle East and has written an introduction in an erotic lesbian novel published overseas entitled I Am You, has been accused of promoting lesbianism.

Now this is a classic case. We have the western world which has embraced homosexuality as an inherent right and of course the equality of women, and then multiculturlaism as a way of being all inclusive, and of course Muslim organisations are doing all they can, (OK not all they can yet we know what all they can usually looks like and so far its all legal) to stop this at least ‘ethnically’ Muslim woman from teaching a course in an Australian university about lesbianism and female sexuality in a culture where women are 100% the property of men and their sexuality especially so.

Here is a great example of the clash between irrational feminism and irrational Islam:

Dr Habib has also been accused by Muslims for Peace of teaching that it is not obligatory to wear the hijab, that the Hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Mohammed) are just Chinese whispers and that Muslim scholars can be ignored because they are males.

Now ya gotta love this. In typical western far left feminist fashion, if a man says a thing it can be ignored. So all teachings of Islam by Muslim scholars are meaningless therefore this woman is able to re write Islam anyway she wants. Given that Mohamed was also a man this allows for a great deal of latitude in interpretation I would say. So once again, the wry smile. Once a civilisation abandons reason for relativism, truth for fear of offending and loss of its own history thinking and methods that made it a great place to live, (I still notice the immigration lines into Pakistan from Australia the UK the US and Canada are astonishingly short compared to the other way around) you will have absurd dilemmas about who you can allow to say what and ultimately the least tolerant group among you, and this will nearly always be Muslims, will have their way.

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