Bomb-making material found in Islamic school

Remember this next time islamo-nazis say that they are being unjustly “profiled”.

Ask yourself the question: when was the last time they found bomb-making material in a synagogue, a hindu temple, a buddhist temple or a church?

(From Jihadwatch)

Bomb-making material found in Islamic school

Qur’an class — 9:00.
Teachings of Muhammad class — 10:00
Explosives training class — 11:00.

“Traces of explosives found in Islamic school,” from the Bangkok Post (thanks to Cindy):

Officials yesterday found traces of bomb-making material in the Islam Burapa school in Muang district, which has been turned into a centre for insurgents to plan their moves since the state ordered it shut down last year.The rebel group ignored last year’s raid at the school when security officers rounded up seven suspected insurgents, and have continued to plot insurgent activities there by making bombs and supplying them to militants, according to a villager.

The officials, led by Khunying Porntip Rojanasunan, director of the Central Institute of Forensic Science, found traces of explosive materials on furniture, utensils and cloth in four shelters in the school. One of the shelters belongs to a man identified as Abdulaman Mauseng.

”These materials are found to be the same as those used in bomb blasts in the area,” said Narathiwat governor Karan Supakijvilekka.

Teachers and more than 600 students were forced to study elsewhere after the school’s licence was revoked following the raid in July last year….

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