Farewell Israel. Movie and interview with maker

I may have mentioned the excellent film ‘Farewell Israel’ in a previous article. I cant over emphasise the importance of seeing this film. There is also an interview with the maker of the film who does his best to make the central dogma of the film in a one hour interview.

I recommend listening to this interview as soon as you are able. While its not as powerful or as fact filled as his movie, which contains much of the history of Islam from its own perspective, it does focus on the likelihood of the destruction of the state of Israel.

This movie is not biased. Now of course everything is, but I mean that this film focuses on explaining the mentality of the Islamic world to westerners. Its not trying to say what is evil and what is not, although from our point of view, much of what Islam calls virtuous is clearly evil to us. Nonetheless this is a matter of historical facts and not a demonstration of bias.

The film is inaccurate on some of the aspects of the accomplishments of the ‘Islamic golden age’ where he takes invention and innovation by other cultures and attributes it to Islam. This article does an excellent and well refrenced job of dispelling these myths but even so, its a must watch film. If you choose to see only one thing on the matter of Islam and the west, please do see Farewell Israel.

Lastly, read all the Fjordman you can.


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