My husband and I have just read the suggested essay by Fjordman in preperation of receiving the film, Farewell Israel, that I have ordered. I wanted to thank Eeyore for bringing this to our attention. I was eye opening in the sense that , although we had read extensively about the two cultures of Islam and Isreal, this pointed out acadamically, the history of how our modern dilemma came to be.


 Part of it brings to mind why I have an aversion to fundamentalism. When a people, for whatever humann reason it stems from, decide to forego knowledge, the results cannot be anything but catastrophic.

 This is what I derived from reading Fjordman..This is just my take on it, as he set out the historical perspective, but it was my conclusion, that Islam decided not to think anymore after Muhammed, to just follow blindly his teachings. Hence, nothing about freedom of thought or actions become important, when a people decide to live their lives as martyrs.

However wrong it may be decided that President Bush was, in trying to allow a country to have the right to make up their own minds whether they were able to accept freedom and move foreward. I challenge the idea that it wasn’t the right thing to do. Maybe the question should be… Was there another way? Also the age old question, if not now, then when?


I really identified with the points made in this blog. Going along with the canine theory, it reminds me of an old analogy. Man gets a dog, but the dog isn't the most congenial of pets, and doesn't seem to want to get along with the man, so he bites the man...hard..and the man re acts with a hard the dog bites him again, and again the man hits back. Well this proceeds back and forth and the man tells the dog.."Quit biting me and I will quit hitting you!" back! To which the dog, that started it all, responds.."Quit hitting me and I will quit biting you"..It is a no win situation...because that dog is going to bite him again even if he stops..

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  1. It’s important not to “lump” and fundamentalism in one bag, as there are diferent types of fundamentalists. There are secular fundamentalists, atheist fundamentalists, evolutionary fundamentalists, christian fundamentalists, hindu fundamentalists, and islamic fundamentalists.

    It’s important to say exacly which fundies you are attacking, since not all have the same fundamentals.

  2. I hate to get side tracked from the response I was making to Fjordman, but it is my understanding that fundamentalists are characterized by religious advocates that cling to entrenched positions, an intransigent set of beliefs…I use it , not as a pejorative, but more of an annoyance, as it is impossible to engage in discussion or debate…any or all of whom you mentioned…to me, they are all fundamentalists, and I see no difference on the surface and do not mind “lumping” them to make a point. Again, I am looking foreward to learning from the movie..

  3. I suspect Max is refering to Islamic fundies but even so, the issue in my mind at least is not fundies or even terrorists but Islam itself.

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