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I haven’t posted anything recently because of a phenomenon I have not heard of so I had to name it myself. Writers Cram. There is so much insane idiocy from the leftists in the civilized world and Muslims across the planet that I have too many things I want to express. Everything from Muslim bus drivers in the UK throwing everyone off the buss to pray to last weeks UN human rights council ruling to ban speech which Muslims find blasphemous.

Every day I start about 100 articles in my head and then cant get a single one down. I have too much material to work with. Where to start? Terrorism not only is very well covered on a day to day basis by this excellent site. They always have up to the hour details of who some fundie nutbag killed, where and how.

But terrorism isn’t the issue. Its definitely an issue, and of course its partially why so many western governments are ready to submit their own people to dhimmitude so quickly although more likely political correctness and the banal hope that their existing civil service’s will get to administer the new caliphate’s regimes.

Islam however is the issue. Islam, its beliefs and ambitions are where our attention must go if we are to maintain liberal democracy. Terrorism isnt likely to effect you or anyone you know ever. Loss of freedom of speech. Submission to irrational religious authority. The inability to ask reasonable and fair questions for fear of causing offence and be under some form of investigation for it, these will effect each and every one of us should this trend continue and given the UN resolution on blasphemy linked above, where 8 paragraphs focus on Islam. We have a dangerous template for more regional and actionable laws. Its like no one remembers the dark ages or even Galileo who died under Church house arrest for suggesting the earth may go around the sun and not the other way around.

Its also worth noting that the beginning of Galileo’s book on the matter had a cartoon which lampooned the pope.

He had a summary ‘fatwa’ on him for that.

I could talk about how anti-semitism has become the acceptable form of hate speech now. I think I will. In earlier essays on vladtepesblog I have written about what constitutes a Jewish person, a Muslim and of course what makes for a race. I think these distinctions are very important and worth real consideration. This is where perception can be  reality.

In a recent Stratfor report, (and for those of you that are news hounds and do not know about Stratfor, its arguably the best real journalism out there today. I get about 8 of their newsletters a day and its like having a desk job at the CIA) they made the surprising revelation that Obama was less likely to be taken out by radical right wing groups, neo Nazis skin heads or any other racist group as these groups feel that McCain and Clinton are in the pockets of ‘the jews’ and so are actually endorsing Obama’s run for president.

Its surprising perhaps because we are looking for rationality where there is none. The excellent book The Road to Serfdom by Hayak makes it quite clear how often people confronted with a real problem with try and get a strong man to run a nation with hopes that his approach will solve it and then of course it will be much easier to deal with the strong man later. Didn’t work for Germany, wont work for Venezuela, and certainly not in Zimbabwe. Actually it never worked and the cure was and is always worse than the disease.

So expecting a strong man such as white supremacists or any similar option that some may secretly think is the way to go to deal with the loss of liberal democracy by Islam is an exceptionally bad strategy as tempting as it is to think or dare whisper over a few too many pints at the local.

Islam is so virulently anti semetic that its an inseparable aspect of the religion as well as its socio-political and even cultural life. Recognising this, the western left seems to accept it as its cultural right as it does the day to day abuses of women which are also fundamental to Islam. However the left and Islam have managed to do something rather subtle but amazing.

Merge thier interests.

A few years ago, I would make the clear distinction between Jews, Zionists and Israelis as three distinct groups each which had its own rational attributes for better or for worse. However now, Muslims and leftists have managed to blur the line in order to use any reasonable criticism of Israel, or the idea that Jews have a legal right to live there, as a way of legitimising attacks on Jewish targets anywhere on earth whether the person is secular religious or a convert to Buddhism for that matter.

They have done what Hitler did. To make Jews a race and an inherently evil one. The left is complicit as they typically see ‘Palistinians’ as victims of Israeli, and for that we can now read Jewish, aggression. This shows most typically a brutal lack of historical knowledge and for what its worth both biblical and secular.

This is why we often see sympathy for Israel by the Christians. They tend to accept the old and new testament as being at least selectively factual and the Jewish claim to Israel is well stated there.

Secular history gets a bit more tricky. Chances are the modern Jews we see in the west are converts from an 11th century war over a nation called Khazar. However this doesn’t negate the claim to Israel as its not about ancestry but again, where perception matters more than reality.

Israel exists as a result of how people view those identified as being Jewish irrespective of what they believe, how they eat; live; do for a living etc. Israel is because history demands Jewish blood as the negative focus for whatever is wrong with a nation at any given time.

Its worth noting that the most virulent anti semitism is pretty much always in nations which have the fewest Jewish people. The Merchant of Venice was written when Jews had been expelled from England and where not allowed to reside there at all.

So in essence, the left likes the palestinians because they are anti modernity. They are anti development. They are anti ‘corporate’ in the way the left imagines western corporate culture and quite patronizingly, the left perceives Islam and Muslim nations as noble savages. Everything they want to recreate in the west.

Jews tend to be world leaders in fields of science and development. This is anathema to the irrational left. Its both surprising and not that the left and Islam would choose to merge their interests. It is surprising that the left would abandon all concepts of tolerance for minorities and women because of a shared hatred of western culture and accomplishment.

Its also very very dangerous.


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  1. ” the left likes the palestinians because they are anti-modernity.” I agree, mind you the left likes the palestinians for far more than their embracement of stone age practice. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East completely depends upon rejecting Israel as a soverign and legitimate state. Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon all play partisan geo-politics, barrel chesting to oust Israel. All of these nations have used the Israeli state to hide their own rejection of the palestinian people.

    Nothing better could have come for these nations than the creation of Israel in 1948. Despite the fact that they were in turmoil before, Israel gave them a new raison d’etre to hate; a shift of focus and a new someone to blame.

    The fact of the matter is simple: with or without the state of Israel, Muslims would still treat each other with tribal contempt, loathing and inevitable bloodshed. Israel is 60 years en vogue, a fairly recent addition to an Islamic history already well established in a manifesto of destruction.

    So, it is not surprising that the western left would find comfort in Islam; both seek a perpetual “something” to blame for their own incompetence and reluctance to progress.

    Middle Eastern countries have long considered the palestinian people to be the niggers of the sahara and none of them have offered aid of any kind to any markable degree, long before Israel was born. It is a suitable tact to both maintain their displacement and poverty and to loath the Jews for political gain. And so it goes….


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