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Geert Wilder’s film Fitna has accomplished three important things. The first was to help bring to the forefront the destructive nature of Islam. The second was to provoke discussion of it and to confront western capitulation on it’s behalf and three, to bring into sharp focus those media outlets who support freedom of speech and those who do not.

There is little dispute, at least amongst those of us whose eyes are open, that the politics and policies of Islam pose an increasing danger threatening freedom, democracy, equality and human dignity.  Documentation of violence, abuse and widespread oppression are daily occurrences. 

Yet, we are told time and again, that to criticise this religion is an offensive exercise in extravagance and eggageration, an endevour reserved for prejudiced ignorants.  To acquiecse is morally and intellectually preferrable and ethically suitable. But reality asks that criticism is not only prudent, but necessary. Ongoing terrorist attacks and the deaths of innocents world wide are applauded by many Muslim clerics and condoned by Islamic regimes. Video taped threats calling for global jihad, the dhimmitude of minorities and so-called moderate Muslims taking great pains to pardon away despicable passages in the Quran against the infidel are only a sampling of the long list of sanctioned deeds against the decadent, Godless west. Add Islamic organizations who take full advantage of western democratic principle to manipulate media outlets into press submission and the desire for sharia as a religious right and you have the grocery list from hell.

Mainstream media seems to shy away from truthful detail when reporting on violence relating to Islam. For example, in the U.K., the word Muslim has been replaced with Asian. Has anyone bothered to ask how Asians may feel about being tagged to such rugged barbarism? Of course not. Radical, terrorist, extremist, Muslim and Islamism are the obvious words journalists and commentators are discouraged from using when reporting the news. In doing so they are deemed islamophobes. So, to hell with the truth in all of it’s ugliness and a populace who deserves to know it. Better to be nice than honest.   

Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered because he dared criticise Islam. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Salman Rushdie live in hiding for their denouncements and Geert Wilders, one of the latest additions to the ever growing fatwa list, needs ’round the clock protection. Canadian publishers are tried in kangaroo courts for covering the news and penning opinion. And on……. and on……. and on it goes.

Nary a word is said however, by the intellectually thoughtful and morally superior scarlet left as to this clear and increasing danger. Muslim organizations in the west posing as peaceful entities, funnel millions of dollars yearly to fund Hamas and Hezbollah for their hoped destruction of Israel. There is barely a sigh when disgusting, racist cartoons are published in Middle Eastern newspapers depicting Jews and Christians as blood-thirsty oppressors, apes, pigs and baby killers. “Peaceful”rallies in Canadian cities are held degrading the Canadian military and denouncing foreign policy while Hezbollah flags flap in the wind and pinko politicians goose-step.

Islam’s rejection and distaste of freedom accompanied by an unwavering lust for dominance has managed to seduce western populations and governments into collective submission with their constant cries of offense and victimhood. The problem with the west lies in the replacement of true liberalism with a perverse and dishonest leftism, mistaking critical thought and analysis for religious and cultural blaspheme. Fitna was a welcome glimpse into both these regressive, political philosophies and their suffocating agendas. This film has provided an atmosphere for debate and challenges libertarians to uphold crucial democratic principle, without apology. The only true offense of this excercise would have been Fitna’s absence. Thank you to Mr. Wilders for his courage. Thank you to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s, the Salman Rushdie’s and others who refuse to cower in the shadow of Islam. You are all an inspiration. 






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