Koran: The offical holy book of Europe.


Talking with a friend of mine today about Geert Wilders new film an idea occurred to me. The Koran really is Europe’s official or at least defacto holy book. Geert has not even released his ten minute movie which as he describes it, shows how Koranic and Islamic values are not miscible with western liberal democratic ones. Yet Dutch TV has already refused to show it sight unseen as likely will all European TV stations and networks. Probably only on the Internet will we be able to see it, whatever this thing is.

Security around anything pertaining to this film is extremely high and press conferences have even been canceled as people fear the reaction to even announcing the release of a film critical of the Koran.

Its a safe bet that if Geert had made a film showing how the old and new testament was full of bad ideas like slavery or historical inaccuracies and how the bible was a fiction which had caused untold suffering and perhaps even retardation of civilization itself then TV networks from The UK and across Europe would be lined up for it. Not that these ideas are untrue in fact they are very likely the case. But the point is, clearly the only book so sacred to Europe that they cant even discuss criticism of it is the Koran.

OK I’m sure you are all thinking the the same thing. ‘No really its fear of reaction by Muslims in Europe and abroad’. Yes of course thats true but thats what makes it sacred. No book was ever made sacred because people felt that way about it en-masse. They felt fear of attacking or questioning it because of the consequences to them by those who wield force to defend it and themselves as its protectors and interpreters.

The point is, Geert is clearly correct. Its painfully obvious really. He has seen so many threats from Muslims, Muslim nations such as Iran who have made it clear this movie may not be released, Dutch politicians including the Prime Minister who is ready to sacrifice freedom of speech in Holland, a once famously liberal nation and all sight unseen.

Thats right. All of this not for his movie which no one has seen yet, but for a movie that dares to question a book.

If that doesn’t define a holy book, I do not know what does. Not the holy book of Islamic states, we expect that, but of Europe. A continent that fought for at least 700 years to get out from under the yoke of its own irrational religious authority.

Those who study history indeed learn, that people do not study history.


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