Another great video by Pat Condell

This British gentleman does his country and our cultures a great service. Like Churchill before him, he takes personal risk to let his nation know they face a great threat.

One wonders though, had the Nazis been clever enough to call their brand of politics a religion, would the rest of the UK branded Churchill a racist bigot or xenophobe? I feel I should take this opportunity to make a few things which where once clear but have been made fuzzy by the forces of irrational leftism, clear again.

A bigot is someone who projects a behavior onto a group which has nothing to do with a behavior.

Lets say you decide to treat a random dark skinned person badly because you believe he will steal from you with no evidence whatsoever other than his dark skin. In all other ways he is the same as you, Manner of dress education and so on. This makes you a bigot.

When you decide a group’s behaviour is antithetical to you and your culture because of their behavior, philosophy, stated aims, demands made unto you and your culture, criminal acts and violent acts with these same aims then to oppose them makes you a hero not a bigot.

Xenophobes are people with an irrational fear of the alien. Merely disliking or fearing something alien which is indeed dangerous again, does not make you a xenophobe.

Racist is a person who hates people of a given race or discriminates against them in an irrational manner.

Islam is not a race but a set of principles that can be adopted by anyone. Therefore, warning the public about Islam does not make one a racist either. Its clearly a religious and political philosophy with broad and deep implications for western liberal democracies which must be treated as the threat it is. In this spirit, I invite you to watch the following video.


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