Movie review. ABC’s The Path to 911

I mention this because there is a disturbing trend I cannot help but notice.

Many otherwise reasonable people, people who for example, would scoff at the idea that the Queen of England was actually a reptile or that the moon landing was faked and never took place (as if Russian astronomers wouldn’t have busted that 10 minutes afterwards not to mention the Royal Physicians) have bought into ‘alternative theories’ on what took place the morning of September 11 2001. It’s sad that anyone had to make this movie but its so damn good I’m glad they did.

It’s important to get the version with the scenes that Bill Clinton forced ABC to remove, put back in. You will know which scenes they are I’m certain without having to compare versions. This 3 disc dramatized documentary pulls no punches. ABC is not known for being friendly to the Bush admin. but they cast Clinton in a very poor light and show Bush and Condi as taking the terrorist threat very seriously.

As to it’s accuracy its exact on all important points. Having read Fred Burton’s most excellent book ‘Ghost’ (a must read for all spy novel fans and geopolitical enthusiasts) an autobiography of Fred’s decades with the DSS I can take issue with some very small details such as the walk in who supplied the information which allowed the DSS and one Pakistani Colonel to capture Ramsey Yussef, the man responsible for the 1993 attack on the WTC (remember that one?) was not to the US Embassy but in fact to the home of a US embassy staffer.

Also it was the DSS not the FBI/CIA who captured Yussef. All the rest of the details are bang on to the facts and are easily verified.

In this dramatized recreation of the events you will see exactly how 911 was planned, carried out, and how the US could have stopped it had Clinton signed the act which ultimately was signed by Bush and renamed, ‘The Patriot Act’. Its also very enertaining and the time flies by.

The propaganda is so thick that Al Queda itself published a condemnation of Iran for promoting the idea that ‘The Jews’ carried out 911 and therefore took credit away from Al Queda’s one major act of terror.

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If you can find this documentary anywhere really take the trouble to get it.

Below is a video of Fred Burton formerly of the DSS discussing his excellent book ‘Ghost’

Here is a clip of a documentary ABOUT this documentary!