The witch-hunt against Thilo Sarazzin

The truth ‘provokes’,   Sarazzin’s facts are “divisive”, his positions are “intolerant and racist”,  that everybody knows,  although no one read the book. The  far left drecks-media and the political elite croak in unison, but Sarazzin is being heard around the world. Leftist apparatchiks like Merkel & Sarkozy will soon be gone, but Sarazzin’s book, ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’, (Germany does away with itself) and the problem with Islam remains.

The PC empire strikes back

Oliver Marc Hartwich From: The Australian

FORMER career civil servants and central bankers seldom have star potential. Their work rarely excites the public and their pictures do not usually appear on front pages. This would have been Thilo Sarrazin’s fate as well. A former state treasurer in the city of Berlin and director of the German Bundesbank, Sarrazin was mainly known to political insiders.

All of this changed last August when he published the book Germany abolishes itself (Deutschland schafft sich ab). Within months the provocatively titled tome of 464 pages, laden with statistics and footnotes, became the best selling non-fiction book in German post-war history. More than 1.5 million copies have been printed to date. Its author developed into an unlikely media star whose name recognition in Germany now surpasses the Pope and the chancellor.

Sarrazin’s media success may be unlikely but it can be explained. In a media society governed by political correctness, he did not play by the rules. Perhaps because Sarrazin was used to speaking his mind behind closed doors he believed he could also get away with it in public. As it turned out, that was too optimistic an assumption.

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Australia: Riot police ready to confront boatpeople

The Australian

RIOT police are training daily in a jungle clearing on Christmas Island in preparation for the arrival of 54 asylum-seekers due to be deported to Malaysia.
Australian Federal Police riot squad train on Christmas Island yesterday to handle boatpeople who face being deported to Malaysia.  Source: The Daily Telegraph

By Sheik yer’mami

Muslims do not land on these shores to become Australians, they come here to make Australia Islamic.

These Muslims are not ‘boat people’, they are not asylum seekers and not refugees. They are on a mission from Allah and will remain hostile to the host society for as long as they live. They come here to demand ‘their rights’, according to Koran, sira and hadith, according to which we, the infidels, are responsible for their livelihood.

By their own law, the sharia, these Muslims enjoy protection in any Muslim country they pass through on the way here. There is absolutely no obligation on our part to assist them in any way to establish themselves here.  Unfortunately, thanks to armies of social workers and misguided humanitarian parasites  the Islamization of Australia is well on the way, and allowing more and more of hostile Muslims to settle here, behind what they perceive to be enemy lines, is nothing short of suicidal stupidity.

Take your humanitarian concerns out with the trash, do-gooders! The Muslims don’t share your humanity, for them you are the vilest of creatures, sons of apes and pigs. Where will you run to when the jihad starts in earnest?

Ramadan Offerings From the Religion of Peace

This is one seriously sick religion:

 Muslim rapes Christian Toddler for Failure to Convert to Islam

When Neeha’s father, a Christian, refused to convert to Islam his 2 year old daughter was kidnapped and mercilessly raped in a field.   (source)

 Good News: 20 % of Muslims in France Do Not Fast at All!

 (ANSAmed) – PARIS, AUGUST 1 – The number of Muslims in France who respect the Ramadan fast is growing, young people most of all. Ramadan started today at dawn.

 “Migrant Protests” in Italy

Italy: Bari, 1 Aug. (AKI) Around 35 people were injured Monday in southern Italy when people held in a migrant detention camp near the city of Bar staged a protest that turned into a riot.

‘No God But Allah’:

Open Season on Egypt’s Copts…

“They were chanting, ‘There is no god but Allah.’ They wanted me to convert to Islam,” Mitri says. “… I was on my knees with my hands over my head. It felt like icicles falling on my body, and I prayed.”  An attacker slashed his back, an arm and a cheek with a box cutter before slicing off his right ear.

Afterward, a caller told police: “We took our Islamic justice; you can now take your civilian justice.”

China Jihad

“A group of religious extremists led by culprits trained in overseas terrorist camps were behind the weekend attack,” a Kashgar government statement said.  (source)

WTF? Rugby League Goes Islamic?

Cowboy Cory finds Islam

Khoder Nasser, a devout Muslim who was instrumental in Anthony Mundine’s conversion a decade ago, converted COWBOYS back-rower Cory Paterson to Islam. Paterson is participating in the ramadan fast…… (what a sucker!)

Sheik yer’mami down but not out!

Our host has taken the site down due to  constant overloads, which caused other sites to crash. We were running out of bandwidth!   Its nice to be popular, and we appreciate the increasing interest from our regular readers and the wider community.

Thanks to Vlad I’ll be posting here until Winds of Jihad is back up. I was told it could be up to 24 hours to be back online.

We will do whatever it takes to bring the counter-jihad to the worldwide community of infidels,  because we must. We cannot afford to lose this war against the global jihad, a war which was declared on us in the 7th century, not the other way around.

Islam has destroyed many cultures and civilizations because people were deceived into believing that a peaceful coexistence is possible. The depredations of dhimmitude and chastened subservience however make that impossible. Islam seeks domination by all and any means and does not grant Christians, Jews, Buddhists or Hindus equal rights, they are unbelievers who must be forcibly converted or killed. This is now self-evident in all the lands where Muslims have the upper hand.

To give in  to their demands would dishonor our ancestors who fought valiantly to keep our countries free of the Islamic scourge. Our children will never forgive us for being such cowards in the face of such an implacable enemy.

You must remember that it is not our words, but the silence about the dangers of Islam which has the most negative influence on our societies. Feeding the crocodile will not keep us safe, and the appeasers will follow the quislings down the memory hole.

Unfortunately, due to our popularity, we now have to pay a whole lot more to get our message out. I hope that those of you who appreciate what we’re doing will chip in to keep us going. So far we never had a fundraiser,  but every little bit helps. Yes, we do take credit cards and we do have a PayPal account.

FYI: We also have an emergency site, called Moe’s Jihad News, where I will post the most relevant updates while the main site is down.

In closing, I’ll post the most cheerful message I have seen for a long time, from the most courageous freedom fighter I ever had the pleasure to call my friend, Robert Spencer:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We have no money. We have no powerful friends. We have no media connections. We have no resources.

All we have is the truth. And that means that victory is assured.