Communist rioters continue to hijack protests in France

This first video is a better than average report on the French riots. As leftists often do, they will take a legitimate grievance and anger by the public against government actions, and insert themselves to try and foment as much violence and conflict as possible to move the state towards greater and greater oppression. This is quite synergistic when you have a government like Canada that is looking to establish an authoritarian state. The reporter refers to the black block terrorists though as “Anarchists”. As I only ever see ‘anarchists’ with ANTIFA, a very decidedly communist form of left wing terrorist, it seems to be a distinction without a difference. Anarchy is the polar opposite of an authoritarian communist state. It would be easier to believe they are anarchists if they hung out with libertarians. But as a truly individualist leader can tell you, organizing libertarians is pretty much like herding cats.

More riot footage.

Largest May day protest in 30 years. But hold on, wait… Isn’t May Day Commie Christmas?

Please see the reader’s Links post for today’s date for a lot more footage from today’s demonstrations in France.


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  1. Color Revolution in Israel:
    Now some in the mob are carrying anarchist flags. Pal flags. showing up too. That shows the organization’s discipline is breaking down.

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