Berenson nails it, What’s her face joins Tucker in the 50 ring and more: Links and news 1 for May 1, 2023

1. What’s Her Face covers a number of issues, including on Tucker Carlson, in the 50 ring much as Tucker Carlson always did. The opening few items of course are examples of the dialectic attack on Western Civ, and at this point, examples of the successful communist revolution that is now basically complete in North America. She does not say they are hypocritical, which puts her in the 50 ring, but does not explain what they actually are, which keeps her out of the Bullseye. Not that people have to see it that way, but that it is the opinion of this site that we are in fact undergoing a communist/Marxist/Maoist revolution and that all things add up to it. And to avoid saying that, while probably tactically smart if you want to stay on YouTube, is strategically poor as if people do not understand what is happening to them, they cannot formulate tactics to restore their liberties, which means restoring the institutions which protected those liberties once upon a time.

At the end though, she nails it.

2. Hugh Spencer: There is something seriously wrong with Justin Trudeau:

Something Is Very Wrong With Justin Trudeau

On October 3, 1980, a bomb went off just outside a synagogue on the rue Copernic in Paris. Several people were killed: a student on a motorbike, an Israeli journalist, a driver, and a caretaker. In addition, 46 people were wounded, many of them seriously. Eventually, over many years, the French authorities, with help from German intelligence as well as Israeli and French agents, tracked down the PFLP operative who left the bomb, a Lebanese sociologist named Hassan Diab. By that time, Diab was living in Canada. With the evidence it had gathered, France asked Canada to extradite Diab in 2008 so he could stand trial. More on this long, and disturbing story, can be found here: “Canada’s Trudeau considers next steps as citizen convicted for Paris synagogue blast,” AFP, April 22, 2023.

First, let’s look at the long saga of Diab’s first extradition to France from Canada, and the latest finding of a French court that has led France to request his second extradition.

France first requested that Canada extradite Diab in 2008, to stand trial for his role in the bombing 28 years before outside the synagogue on the rue Copernic. Diab’s lawyers fought the extradition; it was only in June of 2011 that a Canadian judge agreed to his extradition. But at that point, there were still further delays; an appeal made by his lawyers to the Ontario Court of Appeals was rejected and, at long last, in 2014, six years after the first request for his extradition, Hassan Diab was extradited to France to be tried for the bomb he planted on the rue Copernic in 1980.

Diab was jailed for three years while French investigators continued to gather evidence. Diab all the while maintained his innocence, insisting that he had been in Lebanon at the time of the bombing. The French trial court finally dismissed the charges, claiming there was insufficient evidence to convict him, and set him free on January 12, 2018. On January 14, Diab returned to Canada — he wasn’t taking any chances that French authorities might re-arrest him. But then, in still another tortuous twist to the tale, in January 2021 the Paris Appeals court reversed the previous dismissal of charges in 2018, and ordered a new trial. His French lawyers appealed that order, but France’s highest court of appeal, the Court of Cassation, ordered the trial to go ahead.

[Please read the rest at Jihad Watch. This is most interesting as the story goes on to explain that he was retried, convicted, sentenced to life in prison, and Trudeau himself is delaying sending this multiple murderer from serving his sentence. Also add to this story the islamic terrorists to whom Trudeau has given millions upon millions of dollars.]

3. Second biggest retail bank failure in history?

4. Died suddenly – School bus drivers are collapsing at the wheel – 9 recent incidents!

The video is amazing. A grade 7 student saved a bus full of children from a potentially lethal circumstance when the driver collapsed at the wheel while driving a bus and unable to stop it. But click through for the full list. Death on the job. It’s not just for pilots anymore.

5. Alex Berenson shares with his readership some of the same pain we all felt from friends and family who shunned and insulted and uninvited us to functions because we chose the logic and science over the narratives on the vaxx.

A short excerpt where Alex nails nails nails the central components of the Covid Vaxx narrative:

The bigger philosophical issue is that trying to destroy people and undo basic civil liberties protections over a respiratory virus was a titanic mistake – and would have been even if Covid had been significantly more dangerous than it was.

But let’s put that fact aside and just focus on nuts and bolts three years in.

At this point – how do I put this politely? – we can all agree that maybe the mRNAs were not the panacea that we were told.

And that maybe the hysteria around Covid was a little overdone.

But here’s the part that stuns me, the truly jaw-dropping aspect of where we are now: A lot of those people who got on their high horses two or three years ago, they won’t get off.

Thank you all for reading along. Today as all days but perhaps slightly more so today, please check the comments in the Reader’s Links post for May 1 2023. There is a lot of important material that time may prevent the site from featuring.

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  1. Diab: I have no use for him as such, but I have a problem with a *second* extradition for the same thing, in principle. It feels a bit like double jeopardy.

  2. I never forget this, nor should you.
    From with relevant sources.
    The night of the attack, Prime Minister Raymond Barre said to French television station TF1: “This odious attack was aimed at hitting Israelites going to the synagogue but hit innocent French people who crossed the Copernic street”. His words of 8 October in the National Assembly, assuring his “Jewish compatriots” of the “sympathy of the all nation”, failed to assuage. Just before his death in August 2007, Raymond Barre blamed the controversy about his statement on the “Jewish lobby”.[7]

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