FOX with RFK, 30 years of WRONG on Global Warming, and a look at a healthy culture: Links 1 for April 23, 2023

1. FOX News does a fair interview with RFK Jr. on his presidential run. And it is interesting. But a couple of points I think Robert is not correct about which matter. He claims that while it’s true that Trump did expound the use of products like HCQ, which is good and does work, he did not make it available. This is a half truth at best. Trump DID try to make it available easily and everywhere over the counter for people who had Covid. It was an anti-Trump civil service that blocked it. Please see the video at the bottom of this item.

Kennedy also claims that he would hold Trump accountable for what he was really guilty of, and that was the lock downs. As memory serves, Trump tried to stop flights from China which is where Covid was originating and China knew it. They had stopped ALL internal flights from Wuhan but allowed flights out of Wuhan to everywhere else. The internal lockdowns seem to have been from pressure from leftists within and outside of his admin. But I’ll leave it to others to correct the record on that.

Here is an interview with a Civil Servant who is in our opinion responsible for all deaths of people who could have been saved by HCQ

2. Thirty Years of Global Warming Prophecies

(A model is really only as good as its predictive value, and even then it may not speak to the truth of the cause. For example if it is claimed that the sun rises every day and sets every day at the end of a fishing line from a God, the fact that it rises and sets does not make it true. But if a model has no predictive value, you know there is no truth to it. Global Warming is absolutely zero in terms of its predictions. This is because it is a communist scientism attack on the West. The fact that no demands are ever made on China to change how they do things is one small point in case. But let’s look at the following article linked above for some of the predictions of the CO2 warming model.)

NBC News recently touted a report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that says, “The chance to secure a livable future for everyone on Earth is slipping away.”  It further reported, “There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a livable and sustainable future for all.” This was echoed by Manish Bapna, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council: “This is the stone cold truth laid out in unassailable science by the world’s top climate experts.  We’re hurtling down the road to ruin and running out of time to change course.”

That’s the same U.N. that was wrong 34 years ago when Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the U.N. Environment Program, said that “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.”

Fiona Harvey, Environment Editor at the Guardian, says, “Scientists have delivered a ‘final warning’ on the climate crisis, as rising greenhouse gas emissions push the world to the brink of irrevocable damage that only swift and drastic action can avert.”  She cited a report from the IPCC, comprised of the world’s leading climate scientists. […]

3. Pentagon declassifies more “UFO” footage.

So. One may notice that thanks to the proliferation of good and cheap cameras, and that everyone pretty much on Earth now carries a camera that gives a better image than a 1970s TV camera did, you get a lot more footage of rare events than we ever did. Tornados for instance. Seeing one on film used to be spectacularly rare. Or seeing someone killed. These things are common now. Weird though how the amount of UFO sightings and video has not actually gone up at all except for BS like the footage below. My favorite is at around 1:30 when they show what seems to be a single celled creature running around on a microscope slide with water. Please forgive my cynicism. Remember, this footage is brought to you by the same people who invented the mRNA injection tech that has killed so many people and they are still lying about it. And the same people who make damn sure we cannot know anything true about the Ukraine war, or for that matter, US involvement in Ukraine, or the bioweapons facilities there.

4. Speaking of the Ukraine war, this Redacted episode is interesting.

It would be great to know what, if any, components of this story is factual. One may recall that a month or more ago, there was a story about a major underground bunker of NATO was destroyed by Russia. Is he talking about that? Or is this a more recent event?

5. Vaccine injuries become the dominant theme of German reporting on the mRNA jabs, as the Covid vaccinations face unacknowledged yet ever wider cultural and social repudiation

(Alex Berenson refers to Eugyppius’ Substack now and again, and in particular, this post as being the German media has turned against the shots)

The number of unflattering press stories has been growing since the bivalents flopped last Fall.

Last month, German Health Minister and renowned virus pest Karl Lauterbach gave a remarkable interview in which he denounced “exorbitant” pharmaceutical profits, deplored “dismaying” vaccine injuries, and called for the manufacturers to set aside funds for those who have been harmed. He did so amid a growing wave of reporting on vaccine injuries in the German press – a wave which his statements have now turned into a tsunami. In the weeks since, vaccine injuries and side effects have become the dominant theme of German press coverage on the jabs, from local papers to national media.

It’s been a serious shift, the likes of which I’m not sure has unfolded in any other country. To give you a taste of it, I’ve assembled a representative selection of stories from the last eight weeks or so, in roughly reverse chronological order. As you read through them, remember that these are all links to publications read by ordinary people; I’ve excluded all media with overt Covid-sceptic associations.

We did one of the stunning German items about vaxx damage here as well:

Please read the rest of the Eugyppius article at source.

Our friend Tania, currently residing in Bulgaria, sent us these clips to show what an intact and healthy culture looks like. These kinds of local and amateur displays of local culture are common and frequent throughout the public space in Varna and presumably all over Bulgaria.

Please click the little gear bottom right and dial it up to the highest setting to enjoy the colours and shapes at their best.

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17 Replies to “FOX with RFK, 30 years of WRONG on Global Warming, and a look at a healthy culture: Links 1 for April 23, 2023”

    • I’m following this too, EB.
      Malone I consider a poisonous frog.
      In the other two I see massive egos, not quite as large as Malone’s, who are going for the golden ring.

      Bad vibes all around, even though I tend to try to reason these things out.

      The $25M law suit of Malone’s, slapped onto The Breggins, is unforgivable — and that’s only the latest of RM’s “moves” that forever sullies his name in my view..

  1. Some observation’s on the UFO footage.
    The footage in the first 2 clips is thermal camera. #1 is a general atomic drone in flight, from another airborne platform. The foo zipping through isn’t a missile, or a recognizable platform, it’s a can, and quite warm, it’s leaving a hot plume, but very different than a jet-turbine-rocket system thermal signature. The second is something hot, and jinking; the camera is at high magnification and working hard to stay on the foo. No context, otherwise. In both cases, the objects themselves are pretty uniformly hot, rather than the hot bits that stand out in conventional aero vehicle’s. The ‘Can’ thing has been seen often, in flight at speed along it’s long axis, or hovering on end.
    I dunno. I can think of one unconventional flight system described in a patent taken out by Northrop-Grumman 40 years ago that fits; this, various statements, engineering descriptions and other physical bread crumbs are laying about in abundance, but until you can go kick the tires on the sumbitch, it’s informed speculation.
    The silver ball in the 3rd clip has been seen often, for some decades, particularly around war zones, exercises, nuclear installations, ect. Usually at low altitude, they hover, they gofast, sorta refrigerator sized, some are smaller, some larger. The behavior’s strongly suggest reconnaissance.
    These have been seen world wide, regularly for 40 years that I can speak to.
    Nobody knows who they belong to, if they’re artefacts, or, for the sake of completeness, alive. They show nicely in IR and optical, you can get a radar skin paint, nobody’s been able to lock one up or splash one that I’ve heard of, they just pop out else where. Or something.
    I can’t think of a ‘natural’ cause that doesn’t defy reason, and, generally, aviators are far less prone to swivel-eyed loonery that the general population. Something is there. One hears some pretty gnarly sea stories over the years, it’s a shame the really cool footage won’t be declassified any time soon.

    • Thanks. Interesting. What’s the point of declassifying this material then I wonder if it needs this much explanation and not something more compelling.

      I have lost all trust in large reveals by government. So hard not to be cynical let alone skeptical.

      • None of which explains radar returns, EM readings, range readings, or wake upset from really close encounters. Seeing things during stressful events? Maybe house cats do. If that were the casein the real world, the accident rate out there would be 100%. These same big brains also believe climate soap operas are real and drink gender fluid.
        Go shoot a 30kt night crosswind in zero/zero snow and ice with 10 minutes fuel. Then do that while landing on a boat. Or do the right stuff to not get killed when large numbers of gomers are making an organized effort to kill you. Or, survive a day on the left coast without setting 56 communists on fire. Get back to me about seeing things from stress.
        It’s not satisfying; yeah, the state is lying, there is so much BS. But there is something going on beyond hysterics. Bugs in the brain box don’t leave measurable EM, thermal and radiation physical effects, and I can’t make that work with multiple trained observers, in different locations and conditions observing the same event through visual and technical means.
        However, your theory is nearly as valid as any other, though I stipulate that the general population cannot be considered a reliable observer. See climate and tranny fluid.

  2. 3. Project Blue Beam & Alien Deception – Jay Dyer on Maria Zeee
    Jaysanalysis – March 28, 2023

    Off Topic but…
    “Alchemy, Philosophy & The Science Of Dialectical Manipulation: Lindsay, Coughlin, Dyer & Turner” – The Jay Show – December 8, 2022

  3. ITEM 4: Yes, some of us read about the Kiev NATO bunker attack. It was hushed up.

    However, notice that little boy Zelensky also went missing from the media. And when he reappeared, the background screen had changed to all-white. And his trademark T-shirt also changed.

    His first video was onboard a train and I noticed his face seemed younger. No more anger, aka deep wrinkles, in his face.

    Conclusion: the attack occurred.

    • Hushed up in the West, but widely reported in Russian and India media. Number of casualties is vague, from 160 to 400. I think it depends on whether or not they’re including non-NATO bigwigs.

  4. BULGARIA: Lucky Tania!
    Us, we have nothing. Diversity took over while people remained silent. It’s one of many reasons why I admire Putin.

    • Well, truth to tell, not quite intact (culture). In eastern Europe, the costumes are not worn any more, dialects are dying (because the bureaucrats took over telling people what correct language looks like and enforcing it in schools) and such dances are are only performed for an audience. This, sadly, began long ago… mid 20th century, give or take.

      In Czechia, they are planning to take singing out of elementary education. Even the old folks songs that till now everybody knows will be forgotten by the young.

      • Hi Radu. I am writing this from Bulgaria and here we see quite a bit of this dancing, and not just for tourists. The majority of bystanders were Bulgarian and they enjoyed the show immensely. I also often see, usually on my way to the beach where I pass a big square, someone with a boombox, playing Bulgarian traditional music where random people join in for a bit of fun and then go on their way while others join in! Strangers brought together by their traditional dances! I live quite centrally, near city hall, and see parades celebrating this and that special historical day where thousands upon thousands of Bulgarians w. kids, out on the streets participating and ejoying the day and the spectacle. Perhaps it is not as much as it once was, I have no idea, but I come from a Western European culture where you don’t see these things at ALL, so by contrast I am impressed by the way the Bulgarians honor and celebrate their traditions. I was also a teacher at an English private school for a year and frankly I was amazed at the kids knowledge of their own history. We just don’t see this in the West…unfortunate and tragic. I have hope for Eastern Europe, the West…alas, not so much.

  5. Robert F Kennedy Junior should be scrutinized like anyone else.

    Here’s a link to a Twitter thread about him.

    Although he makes statements that are not in line with the “scientific consensus,” he has been known to require his guests to take the C-19 shot, and he has supported the censorship of those that oppose the climate change narrative and he took classes at the London School of Economics which is an institution influenced by the FABIANS…

    • Not such an iconoclast after all.
      He’s still a Massachusetts machine politician. BFF with the odious Senator Ed Markey, together with Sen. Pocahontas on the bleeding left edge.

      Everybody he doesn’t like is Hitler, climate change is another Holocaust.

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