Dr. Andrew Bostom, Masking trial, and Medical Lysenkoism

Dr. Andrew Bostom on March 10th, outside Rhode Island Court building.

In this video, Dr. Bostom explains among other things, the medical Lysenkosim facing the US, and Canada for that matter, as a root source of policy. This is no small thing. Lyseokosim is the method by which a nation switches its biological sciences from reason based conclusions, to conclusion based reasoning.

Put less cryptically, instead of using the scientific method to determine what a thing is or how it works via reason, you decide for ideological reasons what it is in advance of any investigation and then work backwards to the reasoning that supports it. For examples just look at any critical theory being used to shape policy today, from critical climate theory (Global Warming) Critical Race Theory, (Anti-white racism disguised as equity) critical medical theory (anything Covid and beyond where medical science is replaced with diktats that are more about controlling behaviour than medical health) and our favorite, critical sex theory (where a man can just say he is a woman and win all the prizes in women’s sport, win awards for woman of the year and go to a woman’s prison where he has a literal harem of women to rape at will.)

From Dr. Bostom:

This James Lindsay video on Medical Lysenkoism is an hour and forty two minutes. But for those who want a more in depth explanation, here it is.

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