Overthrowing non-leftist governments by the US, Tucker on Redacted and more: Links 2, March 11, 2023

1. Colour Revolution in Georgia

(We watched some materials on the riots in Georgia the other day and it sure looked exactly as this fellow says it was to us. The US really is the USSR now. At least in lots of bad ways.)

2. Tucker Carlson appears on Redacted!

To get a sense of how honest Alphabet/Google/YouTube is, the video above has 2600 views, 19,000 likes and 3,055 comments as of 11:35 AM

3. Japan reports first death directly linked to COVID-19 vaccine

A health ministry panel said Friday that a causal link between the November death of a 42-year-old woman and the COVID-19 vaccine shot preceding it “cannot be denied” — the first acknowledgement of such a link among nearly 2,000 reports so far of deaths following COVID-19 vaccinations in Japan.

The woman received a Pfizer shot targeting the omicron variant on Nov. 5 at a mass vaccination center. She felt sick seven minutes later, and her breathing stopped after about 15 minutes. Initially suspected to be having an anaphylactic shock, a doctor at the center performed CPR and tried to administer an adrenaline shot, but could not because IV access could not be obtained, according to a report submitted to the vaccine side effects committee under the ministry’s Health Sciences Council.

The woman was taken to a hospital but died of acute heart failure an hour and 40 minutes after receiving the COVID-19 shot. A postmortem CT scan showed that she had experienced acute pulmonary edema, a sudden buildup of fluid in the lungs, the report said.

4. A great Twitter Thread by Steve Kirsch

5. Neil Oliver on 15 minute cities

Thank you all for visiting this site. I hope it offers ideas on fighting back to regain liberties, and fighting back to preserve the few we still have.

Whatever else you wanna say about Russia, they at least have a sense of humour

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